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Muesli granola without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 181 items

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Breakfast cereals without sugar

Breakfast cereals are one of the diet traps - people who are unaware of the proportions of nutrients in the diet reach for diet - meanwhile, ordinary cornflakes have as much as 380kcal (that is, as much as shortbread biscuits with sugar) and over 80% consist of simple carbohydrates and sugar is their second - after corn - ingredient.

If you can not imagine a breakfast without a bowl of cereal, you love granola or muesli necessarily on a diet choose their healthier and lighter replacements. A good proposal are Lizi's low-oat granola available in many flavors - they have a great, natural composition, and above all a low glycemic index IG, thanks to which they saturate for long hours and prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. If you pay special attention to the sugar content of breakfast cereals, be sure to check out the latest Lizi's Low Sugar.

For people on a diet that, in addition to calories, attach great importance to the protein content, the ideal proposition is DietiMeal protein chocolates (chocolate and cranberry), packaged in convenient sachets, which portion provides extra 11g of protein.