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Dietary protein noodles, low carbohydrate noodles and zero calorie shirataki noodles are the basic ingredients from which you will conjure low-calorie pasta dishes

Pasta is a high-calorie ingredient rich in simple carbohydrates, which is why - apart from bread, potatoes and sweets - it is one of the products, most of which give up people on a diet.

Replacing traditional carbohydrate sources with low calorie noodles facilitates quick preparation of healthy, diet meals.

If your goal is to quickly lower weight and fear hunger, reach for shirataki pasta - this high-fiber pasta fills the stomach very much, gives you a feeling of fullness for a long time and thanks to ultra low calorie helps you quickly reduce kilograms. Shirataki pasta is a frequent component of meals provided as part of diet catering.

If you are building muscle mass or are at the reduction stage and your priority is high protein content in the diet and the lowest carbohydrate content, choose protopast protein pasta, which contains up to 60% protein and only 14% carbohydrates.

If you want to make healthy changes in your diet, maintain diet effects in the form of reduced weight or looking for additional sources of fiber, the ideal solution for you will be dietary Nutriwell pasta (it is the most commonly used to create balanced and low calorie pasta dishes)