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Dietary shirataki pasta (Konjac noodles) from Asian Konjak flour

Pasta is a caloric and carbohydrate-rich meal component - apart from bread and sweets, it is one of the first items to be removed from the menu by people on a diet.

Instead of completely abandoning the pasta, replace it with a dietary shirataki pasta - a low-carb pasta made of high-fiber flour, the konjak contains only 6kcal in 100g, which is just as much as a small tomato J - and works great as an alternative to plain pasta.

Shirataki pasta has no taste or smell, but it perfectly absorbs the flavors of dishes to which it is added. Konjak pasta does not require cooking, but only heating, so you can quickly prepare healthy, low-calorie filling meals on its basis.

In the store, we offer shirataki noodles up to 4 producers: Skinny Noodles pasta and Zero Pasta in packs containing about 1-1.5 portions are available in 4 shapes (spaghetti, fettuccine, thin angel hair and rice). Diet Food is konjak pasta in large catering packages (1.8 kg), which lasts for a few days, while My Protein pasta is shirataki pasta in unusual shapes (penne and lasagne slices) in single-dose packaging, ideal for taking on the journey or to work.

People wondering where to buy konjac pasta (shirataki) often buy this product "for a try" choosing a local diet store or a well-stocked market. However, the most economical solution (for those who will be convinced to include konjac pasta in their diet) will be purchased in the on-line store of 1kg Diet Food packaging.