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High protein pasta 

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Low calorie protein noodles with high protein content.

High protein noodles are less caloric than plain noodles, and its biggest advantage is the proportion of nutritional values: protein pasta contains up to 60% protein and 8% fiber and carbohydrate content is 5 times lower than in regular, even wholemeal pasta.

Protein pasta is made from mixed proteins (milk, soy, peas). Protopast pasta tastes exactly the same as ordinary pasta, it also has the same consistency of pasta al dente. It is an excellent ingredient in high-protein and low-carbohydrate diets, it allows you to easily increase the protein content in the diet and significantly reduce carbohydrates.

Protopast protein pasta is available in a wide range of shapes: from small tubetti rings, through classic penne and gimlets, thin threads, thick ribbons, to lasagne protein strips and grains of protein rice.

For those who like convenience, pasta packed in sachets is ideal - you do not need to have a weight or measure portions, each sachet contains exactly 50g of pasta, the perfect portion for dinner or a salad that will enrich your meal with 30g of valuable protein.