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Low carb pasta 

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Rich Nutriwell noodles rich in protein and fiber

This pasta provides as much as 30g of fiber and the same amount of protein. It's the perfect ingredient for people's lunches on low-carbohydrate and reduced-calorie diets - this pasta has almost 3 times me carbohydrates than regular noodles and as much as 1/3 fewer calories.

The bulk of the flour from which fiber pasta is baked was replaced with a rich in ground fiber psyllium. Thanks to the optimally selected ingredients, Nutriwell noodles retain the taste and texture of classic pasta, but thanks to its high fiber content it stays quicker and longer, and thanks to the reduction of quickly digestible carbohydrates has a low glycemic index IG, prevents blood sugar ejection and reduces episodes of sudden famine.

Replacing ordinary rice, pasta or potato with fiber pasta is a particularly good solution for people who have completed their diet, and want to get its results and prevent so-called. "Yo-yo effect" and return to pre-diet weight. The psyllium contained in the low-carbohydrate pasta is a source of soluble fiber, which has a positive effect on the health of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the absorption of calories from meals and promotes maintaining low weight and achieving a slim figure.