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Healthy fats are one of the most important aspects of the diet

Fat is unlikely to be associated with diet. It is the most caloric of all macronutrients. People who limit the amount of calories consumed very often start with reducing the amount of fat consumed. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, it is known that overeating with fat products (the Atkins diet is an exception) is unlikely to lead us to a dream slim figure. However, fats contain many valuable ingredients, without which our body does not function as it should. So if you limit fat, make sure that the small amount you consume provides you with the largest amount of valuable vitamins and energy. Coconut oil is the hit of recent years in fitness and health food environments. How is it different from other vegetable fats? First of all, the fact that it consists mostly of saturated fat (once saturated fatty acids were blamed for cardiovascular disease, it is now considered the opposite) and that it contains many medium-chain fatty acids (these so-called MCT acids are considered excellent source of energy, an alternative to carbohydrates, which makes us feel saturated and full of life for long hours after a meal). If you have heard about bulletproof coffee, you probably know that it is a breakfast replacement, rich in MCT fats (the Quest brand has a pure MCT for its non-compromising offer). Category Healthy Fats in is primarily a huge selection of coconut oils. There are odorless coconut frying fats and also full of valuable nutrients extra-virgin versions. We also took care of the appropriate diversification of the capacity and countries of origin of our oils.