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Showing 1 - 39 of 207 items

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Protein crisps that will satisfy your hunger for a long time

People switching to a low-calorie diet are often afraid of monotony. A diet full of interesting and healthy meals will be much easier to maintain, therefore protein chips perfectly match it

The offer of our store in the field of protein chips is constantly growing. Fashion for this type of healthy snack, which is not sweet, was initiated by the American company Quest. Protein Quest chips were one of the first products of this kind on the market. The whole package not only provides 20g of full-value protein but also contains only 120 kcal. This result is not achieved even by the least calorific protein bars. A salty snack that will provide you only 120 kcal and as much as 21g of protein will give you a feeling of fullness and will not ruin the assumptions of your diet. If the Quest chips for some reason do not suit you, you will certainly find the right taste in Protein Bites and MyProtein products. These companies introduced high-protein chips, but also a light version of "Lite", in which low caloric value was especially emphasized. Among protein chips, also vegans will find something for themselves, vegan Simply Protein protein chips are also available in the shop