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Protein ice cream 

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

Who does not love ice cream? Do you think that on a reduction diet, low-calorie, high-protein or low-carb diet, you have to give up the ice cream? Think about it! The most popular brands of protein ice cream include Halo Top (available in the US), WheyWhey and Yogoland (available in the UK) and in Poland. Whoopy Whey - all these ice creams have the basic disadvantage: they are available locally, in a limited number of places. If you do not have the time or inclination to take a 100km trip to get a box of protein ice cream, prepare them at home. Offered in Guiltfree mixtures for the preparation of protein ice cream will enable you to fulfill dessert dreams and prepare at home using only a mixer and a freezer of delicious protein ice cream with great macros: little fat, few coals, a lot of fiber. The mixtures do not contain added sugar and thus fit the guidelines of even the most restrictive diet. The ability to prepare dietary delights is one of the keys to diet success - satisfying the desire for sweets with healthy substitutes maximize your chances of success in achieving a slim figure - if your weakness is fate, prepare protein ice cream, pour sauce zero and enjoy the forbidden dessert in the fit version!