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Cashew butter (from cashews) 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 70 items

Less popular than peanut butter and almond butter, cashew butter belongs not only to the most delicious nut butter (it is naturally sweet and very silky), but also to the healthiest low-carb snacks. Few people know that cashews are rich in antioxidants and have a beneficial effect on heart health. Like many other nuts, cashews contain a lot of alkylphenols, they are also a source of catalysts necessary for the proper management of key enzymes: copper, magnesium and selenium. Studies have shown that cashew nuts lower the risk of coronary heart disease and reduce cardiovascular mortality by 11%. Cashew butter is a rich source of magnesium, which is just as important for strong bones, teeth and gums as calcium. This great antioxidant in the cashews strengthens the gums and helps protect your teeth. Cashew butter has a positive effect on blood pressure. Magnesium deficiency can lead to dangerously high blood pressure, as well as muscle spasms and strains, it also helps in the fight against migraines. Another benefit to health resulting from enriching the diet with cashew nut butter is their effect on lowering blood cholesterol levels. By the way, cashews have a beneficial effect on the importance of the study show that people who eat cashews at least twice a week are on average 5kg thinner than those in whose diet there are no valuable nuts; the reasons for the beneficial effects of cashews on body weight are seen in the content of manganese, copper, phosphorus and magnesium. Cashew butter is a rich source of vitamins from B, C and E groups, as well as a wide range of essential minerals, such as niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin or thiamine. All of these substances strengthen the immune system to prevent fetal illnesses.