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Showing 1 - 39 of 2903 items

Zero calories, or products without calories on There is no doubt that 0 kcal products are the most popular category in our online store. Zero Calories products are a kind of lifebuoy for all people who need calories when counting calories. Do you count, calories? Did you use your daily limit and your body wants food? This is unfortunately the natural reaction of our body to limited access to food. Signals about hunger, the constant thirst for sweetness broke not one dream of a slender figure. While it was difficult to fight against it, now food producers are launching products with extremely low calories, which help fight hunger in the evening. In this category we have collected all calorie-free products available in our store. There are sweets, pastas, sweeteners, dry sauces and other specialties .. They combine one thing - they do not (or hardly have) calories !. Remember that zero calorie products are only an addition to a healthy and balanced diet. The best example here is calorie shirataki pasta Traditional pasta is a carbohydrate bomb, if you count calories, you will find that your portion of spaghetti is on the saucer. However, if you use a calorie-free pasta, add a high-quality tomato sauce and good-quality meat fried on a calorie-free cooking spray, you will be able to enjoy a large pot of food that will satisfy you, not ruin your diet and also provide you with a large amount of valuable protein. Similarly with sweets. Pour the bowl of fruit chocolate sauce without calories and enjoy the dessert without any remorse!

The most important products 0 kcal:

  •     zero-calorie sauces - dietary foods are often associated with "dry" tasteless food, traditional sauces are almost always a calorie bomb. Zero-calorie sauces will add flavor to your dry dishes (spaghetti, salads, sandwiches)
  •     zero calories syrups - they will enrich the taste of desserts. This is for many people the most difficult part of the diet, giving up sweets. Here zero calorie products come in handy. Chocolate icing is usually calories (and those from sugar), so it is worth enriching the taste of yogurt or fruit that does not add unnecessary calories.
  •     Sweeteners - in guiltfree we probably have the largest selection of sweeteners in Poland. You will find here such sweeteners as: sucralose, tagatose, stevia, erytrol, xylitol and many others available in all sorts of forms: tablets, crystals, powder, syrups and even cubes