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Showing 1 - 39 of 2319 items

Ketogenic diet is an increasingly popular way to maintain the right figure. The biggest advantage of this diet are simple rules and a large freedom of choice of what we eat. It is not required to count calories, just follow a few basic rules. The basic rule is to minimize consumed carbohydrates. A diet rich in protein and fats - that is, the ketogenic diet consists in "shifting" the body to draw energy from other sources than carbohydrates. In order for the body to enter the state of ketosis, several (2-3) weeks of carbohydrate restriction are needed. Then the body begins to produce the so-called ketone bodies that complement (and somehow replace) the basic source of energy that is glucose. After reaching the state of ketosis, the body receives "new energy", which means that it is much easier to control the amount of food consumed and feel great at the same time. The basis of the diet are products rich in fat and protein. Most often these are large amounts of meat, eggs, healthy fats (such as coconut oil), low-carb vegetables and specific supplements (such as eg MCT - medium chain triglycerides, which are an excellent source of energy used on a regular basis.

However, as with any diet, the restrictions associated with the use of DIETY - KETO can be tedious. The dishes to which we are used are usually too large source of carbohydrates and one should get used to completely different dishes. Especially at the very beginning of the Ketogenic diet, when the body has not switched to ketone bodies, it can be quite a challenge to endure in extremely low carbohydrate diet. In the "Ketogenic Products" category, we have put all this into the "" offer, which can help to satisfy carbohydrate longings and at the same time be safe for the level of carbohydrates absorbed. In this category we have focused products rich in protein and fats, and at the same time extremely low carbohydrates.

Products supporting ketogenic diet (carbohydrate replacements)

  • Healthy Fats (basic keto diet, rich in MCT, low-processed)
  •      Natural sweeteners (keto diet is a diet close to nature - no "chemistry" in sweeteners ")
  •      Sweet syrups without sugar (very helpful with eg protein omelets)
  •      Protein flour (allowing to bake keto - biscuits and keto bread)
  •      Protein bread (protein versions of toast and rolls)
  •      Salty snacks without carbohydrates (protein chips, dried meat etc.)
  •      Protein pasta
  •      Protein supplements (the fastest way to have a meal on the run that matches the keto diet)