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Keto Protein Bars 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 260 items

Protein bars are just like nutrients one of the best ways to "something fast". In the case of a ketogenic diet, of course, the most attention should be devoted to the carbohydrate content in the bar. It is very important to be able to understand what are the so-called net carbohydrates in a serving. Protein bars in the keto diet should not exceed several grams (4-5) of net carbohydrates. When reading nutritional values in the table, you should not be afraid of carbohydrates from the so-called polyols or sugar alcohols. Substances such as erythritol and maltitol are classified as carbohydrates, however they do not affect the level of glucose in the blood (therefore they are not included in net carbohydrates). Of course, the composition of the baton is also important. The philosophy of a ketogenic diet points to a short list of ingredients that are best to be as close to nature as possible (it would be better if the leading sweetener was eg erythritol than sucralose)

The most important characteristics of protein bars in the ketogenic diet:

  • Very low sugar content (about 1g in a bar)
  •      Very low net carbohydrate content (up to 5g per piece)
  •      High protein content (but not extremely high, just a few grams in a bar)
  •      The fat content does not have to be low (Atkins bars thanks to this are distinguished by their taste)
  •      A short, natural list of ingredients