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Keto-Friendly Protein Powders 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 262 items

Protein supplement is the basis of many diets. While losing weight, it is extremely important to keep muscle mass as good as possible while losing adipose tissue. Of course, a diet rich in protein supports the maintenance of muscles at the right level. In the case of a ketogenic diet, the protein is the basic macronutrient of a meal next to fat. When you need something "fast" which will not ruin your dietary assumptions, protein supplement will be one of the best options. In the case of a keto diet, it is of course very important that the amount of carbohydrates is at the lowest possible level. Therefore, it is important that the protein nutrient be mixed with water and not with milk (carbohydrates from lactose) and also use an insulant based on the isolate and not on the protein concentrate. A good idea is to enrich the protein nutrient with fat (coconut oil or MCT powder)

The most important characteristics of protein supplements indicated for the ketogenic diet:

  • As the lowest sugar content
  •      As the lowest carbohydrate content
  •      higher fat content is allowed
  •    if possible, a natural (short) composition
  •      if you use sweeteners, natural sweeteners (stevia erytrol)