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Keto-Friendly Sweeteners 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 103 items

One of the biggest challenges during an extremely low carbohydrate diet, which is a ketogean diet, is to master the desire for sweets. The so-called. "sucking on sweet" is the natural reaction of organimzu to cutting off from the source of energy to which he was accustomed, that is, from glucose. Attacks of wolf appetite for sweet can be tried to suffocate, however, mental endurance in such situations is limited. A better strategy is to provide the body with a good, alternative to glucose energy source (eg in the form of medium-chain triglycerides MCT) and to add a sweet taste to the food that will soften the thirst for sweetness. Supporting sweeteners in the keto diet is acceptable, however, it should be limited to 1 meal a day and the type of sweeteners used to match the philosophy of the diet. Sweeteners suitable for a keto diet consistent with the philosophy of this trend should be as natural as possible. You can certainly include sugar alcohols - such as xylitol or erytrol. Some people for natural sweeteners also include stevia, and if this is a controversial topic, we include in this category pure stevia extract without fillers.

Key features of Keto Sweeteners

  • zero sugar (dates drop, honey, agave syrup)
  •      according to the philosophy of the diet, you should limit unnatural sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose)
  •      choose polyol based sweeteners (erytrol, xylitol)
  •      In the case of stevia, use pure extract without fillers