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Keto-Friendly Chips & Savory Snacks 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 204 items

The network is full of requests for chips that fit and are allowed on a ketogenic diet. While fat is not a problem, carbohydrates are a factor that disqualifies all popular types of chips. The best option among salty snacks matching the keto diet is dried meat. Products of this type are consistent with the philosophy of the diet calling for the least processed products. Dried meat is nothing but beef cuts dried in aromatic spices. However, beware of the trap. Some spices contain a large amount of sugar, so you should always analyze the nutritional table. However, often on such a restrictive diet as the ketogenic diet, dried meat is not enough to satisfy the whim of a salty snack. If you dream about real keto-chips, you have two options: try one of the versions of protein chips that perfectly imitate those real potato (we especially recommend the Quest brand here) or switch to the so-called "pork crunch" which is the closest to what you would call keto chips. Pork crunch is nothing but bacon fried deep-crunchy (which is the basis of a ketogenic diet). Pork crunch taste reminiscent of Peppies or Peppies.

Chips allowed on a keto diet (and other salty snacks) are mainly:

  •      protein chips, low carb
  •      dried beef without added sugar
  •      pork crunchy pork crunch