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Keto-Friendly Nut Butters 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 274 items

Peanut butter matches the keto diet as little as possible. Provided that they are 100% butter made from nuts or those without added sugar. However, that's not all. Peanut butter to make keto must contain nuts and a small amount of carbohydrates. For example, cashew nuts contain a relatively large amount of sugar and do not fully match the ketogenic diet. butter with toppings often contain keto-macra but be careful. Some of them contain added sugar or other additives that are an important source (eg raisins). In this category we have collected peanut butter, which contain the least amount of carbohydrates and have the most natural composition.

The most desirable peanut butter in the keto diet is butter:

  •      Pecan nut butter - 4g carbohydrates in 100g
  •      butter from macadamia nuts - 5g carbohydrates in 100g
  •      butter from Brazil nuts - 5g carbohydrates in 100g
  •      hazelnut butter - 7g carbohydrates in 100g