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Keto-Friendly Flours 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 156 items

Traditional cereal flour (wheat, rye, barley) is 70% carbohydrates. On an extremely low carbohydrate diet, which is without a doubt a ketogenic diet, such products are practically prohibited. Are there, therefore, flours that are allowed on a keto diet? Absolutely. They are low in carbohydrates rich in protein and fiber. When it comes to fat content, it's different. Almond flour occurs, for example, in full-fat and non-fat versions. When using skimmed flour, it is advisable to use an additional source of fat (eg coconut oil) in baking. By using low-carbohydrate flours in the ketogenic diet, it allows the preparation of keto-pancakes, keto-cakes and even keto-bread.

The most important features of flour in a ketogenic diet:

  •      as low as carbohydrates as possible
  •      high protein content
  •      low fat content (fat flours act as a substitute for traditional flours that are naturally low in fats


The best flours in the keto diet:

  •      sesame flour
  •      almond flour
  •      coconut flour