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List of products by manufacturer Body Attack

Body Attack offers high-quality dietary supplements for athletes as well as people who care about their figure and lead a healthy lifestyle. The former help to develop muscle mass, the latter - to maintain the correct weight without the need to completely give up the sweet delicacies. The brand has been present on the market since 1994 and since then its activity has been based on several unchanging foundations: innovation, providing professional consultations to its customers and the best composition of protein products. Body Attack offers, among others, protein puddings with the taste of cookies, caramel or strawberries, protein waffles fragrant with vanilla, pancakes with stevia and protein bars. Body Attack snacks are very easy to prepare, which is extremely important for a modern consumer who is in a constant run. Last but not least, they contain over 70% high-quality proteins, are low-calorie and rich in vitamins, support metabolism.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 69 items