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Sante Go On! Almond butter 180g



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Almond butter Sante GoOn! 100% non-blanched almonds in their natural brown fiber-rich skins, without palm oil, without salt and without sugar contains 100% almonds without any additives. Designed for dieters who avoid salt and sugar diets.

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Weight net. 180g.; 7,99 pln/100g.

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New packaging size - 180g. The butter is packed in a sturdy jar with a protective membrane under the lid.

Excellent, clean almond butter Sante is made from roasted almonds rich in fiber and protein.

The key features of Sante GoOn Almond Butter:

  •     100% pure composition, almonds alone - no additives
  •     Made from non-blanched, unbleached almonds, keeping the fullness of your natural wealth
  •     Rich source of protein - 22%
  •     Rich source of fiber - 11%
  •     Zero salt & sodium
  •     No added sugar
  •     The low glycemic index guarantees a long satiety feeling
  •     Zero trans fats
  •     Rich source of vitamin E, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  •     A rich source of antioxidants

Rich in protein and fiber with low sugar content, almonds have a low glycemic index IG, one tablespoon of almond butter has 1g glycemic load - 16 times lower than honey, although both products can be used interchangeably as a supplement to sandwiches, pancakes or desserts.

Porcja 15 g W 100 g
95.85 639.00
396.00 2,640.00
8.25 55.00
0.75 5.00
1.20 8.00
0.78 5.20
2.10 14.00
3.15 21.00
0.01 0.04

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Sante Go On! Almond butter 100% non-blanched almonds

Net Weight: 180g

Ingredients: Roasted almonds not blanched

Allergens: almonds; May contain other nuts, including peanuts.

Contains no added sugar, contains naturally occurring sugar in the ingredients in the amount of 4.9g / 100g of butter.

Contains no salt added, contains naturally occurring salt in peanuts <10mg / 100g butter.

Nutritional values per 100g: 2500kJ / 597kcal, 52.8g fat (including 4g saturated fats), 7.5g carbohydrates (including 4.9g sugars), 22.1g protein, 11.8g fiber, salt <0.01g.

Manufacturer: Produced in the European Union for Sante A.Kowalski Sp.j.

Store at room temperature in tightly closed container. The separation of peanut oil on the surface of butter is a naturally occurring phenomenon, butter must be mixed before each consumption.

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