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Diet Food organic cashew butter with matcha

Diet Food


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A natural, certified ecological cream of cashew nuts with the addition of Japanese matcha tea, without artificial additives.

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Weight net. 200g.; 13,82 pln/100g.

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A natural, certified ecological cream of cashew nuts with the addition of Japanese matcha tea, without artificial additives.

Natural, ecologically certified cream (butter) from cashew nuts, prepared only from roasted nuts and organic Japanese matcha green tea, this composition contains no salt, sugar, hardened fats, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Matcha is a green tea powder with a characteristic, intensely green color of young peas. Matcha has been closely associated with Japanese tradition and culture for centuries and is now considered the most valuable type of tea, its annual production is limited and requires specially shaded plantations - appropriate shading is a guarantee of intensely green, not yellowish shade of the finished powder. Due to its properties, matcha is one of the healthiest ways to supplement your daily diet. Matcha is by far the richest natural source of antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the body and contribute to the prevention of many serious diseases. Because matcha is powdered tea leaves, drinking it, we accept all the nutritional values ​​contained in them, both water-soluble and insoluble ones - and this is the most important difference between matcha and other green teas.

Matcha tea is a rich source of catechins. These antioxidants are distinguished from others by their special properties in neutralizing the activity of free radicals. Thanks to this, catechins reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and lower cholesterol levels in the blood. They play a big role in the process of protecting the skin against the harmful effects of solar radiation. An especially potent antioxidant is the catechin derivative EGCG present in Matchy, also found in other green tea and green coffee varieties. This organic chemical compound has a strong anti-cancer effect and is an antioxidant 100 times stronger than vitamin C. Because we drink matcha, we eat whole ground tea leaves, one cup of this tea in terms of antioxidant content corresponds to 10 cups of plain green tea infusion. The catechins contained in matcha tea, not only support the fight against free radicals, they also have antibiotic properties and strengthen our immune system by acting antibacterial and antiviral.

Traditional matcha powder has four times higher L-theanine content (39 mg per serving) than green tea served in a purse. Sweet, vegetable aroma and taste characteristic of matcha comes from the amino acid L-theanine, which arises as a result of growing under conditions of correct shading of the leaves. It is the L-theanine that gives a clean, silky, delicate taste of tea.

Energy level after drinking a matcha cup can last over 6 hours - although one cup of this Japanese tea provides almost the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee, mmatch, unlike coffee, adds energy gradually and allows you to avoid a sudden drop in strength, thanks despite the high caffeine content in matchy, after its consumption there are no side effects typical of the state after drinking coffee, such as hyperactivity, high blood pressure and nervousness. The sense of the flow of energy is more stable than in the case of stimulation with coffee, because caffeine is distributed in the blood in regular doses. There is also no threat of a loss of energy that consumers of strong coffees complain about. It is recognized that 80 milligrams of caffeine in a matcha cup corresponds to 90-150 milligrams in a portion of coffee.

Matcha green tea accelerates the metabolism of the body causing 4 times faster fat burning. In contrast to many diets available on the market, matcha is a natural food supplement that does not cause any side effects such as increased heart rate or raised blood pressure.


Porcja 15 g W 100 g
85.50 570.00
2,366.00 15,773.33
6.60 44.00
1.29 8.60
4.28 28.50
0.72 4.80
2.13 14.20
0.09 0.60

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A natural, certified ecological cream of cashew nuts with the addition of Japanese matcha tea, without artificial additives.

Net weight 200g

Ingredients: bio, ground, roasted cashews (95%), bio matcha (5%),

Allergic information: May contain sesame and other nuts.

The top oil layer is a natural phenomenon. Mix well before use.

Store in a dry, cool place.

Nutritional value in 100 g: energy value 2366 kJ / 570 kcal, fat 44 g, including saturated fatty acids 8.6 g, carbohydrates 28.5 g, - including sugars 4.8 g, protein 14.2 g, salt 0.6 g

  Country of origin Poland

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