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KitKat Coffee Break (CHEAT MEAL) - Japanese mini bar

Cheat Meal


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Product category Cheat Meal - when you feel that you should indulge yourself, you deserve a reward for weeks of keeping a clean food and should have a meal in which you forget about counting macros, because it's all about taste!

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3,69 pln

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Net volume 14ml.; 26,36 pln/100ml.

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A product from the Cheat Meal category - when you feel that you deserve debauchery, you deserve a reward for weeks of keeping a clean bowl and a meal in which you forget to count macros, because only the taste counts!

Kit Kat Blue Ocean Sea Salt & White Chocolate is a unique edition of KitKat wafers for the Japanese market. KitKat blues are the perfectly balanced taste of Setouchi sea salt with sweet, white chocolate. This edition is dedicated to spreading awareness of the endangered wealth of marine life, and more precisely of animals that may become extinct due to the pollution of the Oceans. Since 2019, the Japanese branch of Nestle has been striving to reduce plastic waste.
#SaveTheBlueOcean syntax for reflecting on the artificial waste that ends up in the oceans.

In addition to the noble purpose, KitKat Blue Ocean can boast an excellent taste - it is one of the most refined, and at the same time universal and harmonious flavor compositions among Asian versions of this wafer.

These KIT KAT® Miniatures are individually wrapped with a seasonal twist for all your Halloween candy collections. Throw a few in your lunchbox to keep yourself in the fall spirit, or stock your home and office candy bowls for an easy snack and decoration solution in one. Crisp wafers cloaked in orange colored white crème candy make the perfect addition to any candy dish, sweets buffet or dessert during the fall season. If you're looking for something creative to bake in the autumn months, try incorporating some KIT KAT® Wafer Bars into your favorite dessert recipe or even a new concoction you've never tried before—it's bound to be delicious either way! Ready for your traditional Halloween movie marathon? Add some seasonal milk chocolate wafer bars for an extra special touch that satisfies the whole family. And don't forget about the season's parties and trick-or-treaters! Miniatures make the perfect Halloween candy for sharing and tossing into trick or treat bags to satisfy all spooks that go bump in the night. These fun, snack size bars make it easier than ever to make BREAK TIME, ANYTIME.

Porcja 11.6 g W 100 g
64.00 551.72
268.16 2,311.72
3.60 31.03
1.70 14.66
7.40 63.79
7.30 62.93
0.43 3.71
0.20 1.72

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Kit Kat, Blue Ocean Sea Salt White Chocolate Creme Wafer - a crispy wafer with white chocolate cream with salt in a white chocolate coating

Net weight: 11.6g

Ingredients: chocolate (sugar, lactose, palm oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), wheat flour, palm oil, lactose, sugar, salt, yeast, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter / emulsifier, flavor, baking soda , yeast food.

Allergens: milk, soy, gluten, wheat; may contain peanuts

Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 551.7kcal / 2311.7kJ, fat 31.0g (including saturated fat 14.6g), carbohydrates 63.7g (including sugars 62.9g), protein 3.7g, salt 1, 7g

Nutritional values in 11.6g: energy value 64.0kcal / 268.1kJ, fats 3.6g (including saturated fats 1.7g), carbohydrates 7.4g (including sugars 7.3g), protein 0.4g, salt 0 , 2g

Producer: Made in Japan for Nestle Japan

Store in a dry, cool and dark place

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