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Oshee The Witcher CAT, Witcher Potion Apple & Kiwi - energy drink, limited edition 500ml



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Energy drink with vitamins and caffeine from the brilliant Oshee The Witcher series, combining the highest quality energy & the universum of the Witcher Geralt, with potions inspired by witcher's elixirs. This elixir will not give you perfect eyesight in the dark, but it will give you energy (160mg of caffeine!), you will feel your strength and energy returning to face the Power of Everyday.

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Net volume 500ml.; 0,96 pln/100ml.

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Main flavor:

Oshee Wiedźmin Cat - Apple & Kiwi is a carbonated energy drink with the addition of vitamins and caffeine, flavored with apple-kiwi.

Felis catus - two words that define deity and power over the world. :) Cats are interesting animals with a great heritage. In ancient Egypt, they were considered sacred, venerated and mummified like the famous pharaohs. They had a close relationship with the goddess Bastet - the patroness of, inter alia, love and joy. Isn't that what kittens are for their owners?

Cats have their supporters and opponents. The former are delighted with fluffy, soft paws, the pleasant sound of a 'purr', they praise the warmth of the cat's fur and attachment to the guardian. The latter emphasize the fact that cats always go their own way, treat their owners as servants and suspect them of contact with black magic (the aftermath of the Middle Ages is still alive in some of us). Regardless of which side you are on, whether you love stroking fluffy fur or chasing its owner with a broom, it is known that the cat owns the apartment, and the keepers only pay off the loan. :)

It turns out that in the Witcher's world there was someone who appreciated the greatest advantages of cats. History does not reveal whether he was pro or anti-cat, but he was certainly a good observer. Maybe he didn't like the cat brazenly sitting on the windowsill and peering out the window of his lab, but he appreciated there were no mice in the pantry. It was probably a kind of interspecies symbiosis without too much familiarity. The result of this account was the Cat potion. It was allegedly the first magic potion created especially for the needs of witchers. Its effect was to sharpen the sense of sight as much as possible, which not only made it possible to see well in complete darkness, but also to look through walls. Taking this drug made it possible to penetrate the natural habitats of some monsters - caves, crypts and caverns.

Now even mere mortals can try what cat's nightlife is. Oshee Wiedźmin Cat - Apple & Kiwi is an elixir that will stimulate and energize. Probably the creators, like the wizard who created the original mixture, belonged to two extreme camps. Some of them probably love cats and that is why they added the taste of a delicate, juicy apple to the mixture. On the other hand, those who do not like kittens used sour kiwi. Cats don't like acrid odors. In contact with such aromas, they wrinkle their nose, wave their paws furiously and run away under the dresser. Luckily for us, this flavor combination is really bombastic and gives you an energetic kick!

Porcja 500 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 110.00  kcal 22.00  kcal
kJ 460.46  kJ 92.09  kJ
fats, including: 0.00  g 0.00  g
saturated fats 0.00  g 0.00  g
carbohydrates, including: 25.00  g 5.00  g
sugars 24.50  g 4.90  g
Protein 0.00  g 0.00  g
Salt 3.50  g 0.70  g
Vitamins 0.00 0.00
Pantothenic Acid 6.00  mg 1.20  mg
B3 16.00  mg 3.20  mg
B6 1.40  mg 0.28  mg
B12 2.50  µg 0.50  µg
Coffeine 160.00  mg 32.00  mg
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Oshee The Witcher Energy Drink Cat - carbonated apple & kiwi flavored energy drink caffeine and vitamins, contains sugar and sweeteners

Pasteurized. High caffeine content; not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women (32mg / 100ml). Not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine.

Net volume: 500ml

Ingredients: water, apple juice from concentrated juice (20%), sugar, acid: citric acid; carbon dioxide, acidity regulator: sodium citrates; l-arginine (0.12%), flavor, natural caffeine (0.032%), color: ammonia-sulphite caramel; sweetener: sucralose; vitamins: niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

Nutritional values ​​in 100ml: energy value 22.0kcal / 92.0kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 5.0g (including sugars 4.9g), protein 0.0g, salt 0, 7 g, vitamins: pantothenic acid (b5) 1.2 mg, niacin (b3) 3.2 mg, pyridoxine (b6) 0.2 mg, cobalamin (b12) 0.5 µg; caffeine 32.0 mg

Nutritional values ​​in 500ml: energy value 110.0kcal / 460.4kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), 25.0g carbohydrates (including sugars 24.5g), protein 0.0g, salt 3, 5 g, vitamins: pantothenic acid (b5) 6.0 mg, niacin (b3) 16.0 mg, pyridoxine (b6) 1.4 mg, cobalamin (b12) 2.5 µg; caffeine 160.0 mg

Do not freeze. Drink chilled, do not mix with alcohol. Best before: date and batch number are on the bottom of the can. Store in a dry, cool place. Protect against direct sunlight.

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