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Kernel Season's Buffalo Wing Seasoning made with real cayenne & butter

Kernel Season's


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The Cantaloupe Sauce and Buffalo Wing Pepper Sauce is the perfect way to add the intense flavor of fried savory chicken wings to any dish without worrying about unnecessary calories and fat. Use Kernel Season's like spices such as pepper or peppers. Empty any food and enjoy forbidden taste without excess calories.

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Weight net. 80g.; 22,80 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

If you are on a diet, you may miss the taste of banned foods - such as butter, bacon, yellow cheese or meat in crispy batter. Seasonings of Kernel Season's were created as a supplement to popcorn, but they quickly became more widely used and served to people on diets to substitute tastes like butter, yellow cheese or fried bacon but also mayonnaise, chocolate or caramel.

The biggest advantage of Kernel Season's seasonings is that they are based on concentrated, natural ingredients, so we guarantee an intense flavor with no calories (1 serving is no more than 5kcal!).

Use Kernel Season's as natural flavors for your dishes - you can add cheese-bacon, boiled eggs, baked vegetables or stewed chicken breast, and if you mix the cheese with a hint of water, it will replace the cheese flavor on the sandwich. If you sprinkle with Kernel Season's hot food, such as boiled broccoli, butter and cheese in a sprinkle, melt to form a topping of butter or cheese crust.

1 teaspoon of butter, seasoning is 5kcal - the same amount of butter is 70kcal and the cheese slice is 90kcal! By giving up butter or cheese and replacing them with spices, you can save hundreds of calories a week and lose weight without sacrificing your favorite tastes.

The Kernel Season's Buffalo Wing is made from real pepper sauce with natural buttermilk aroma, which is enzymatically processed - thanks to that original taste and aroma of roasted chicken is separated from fat and water - thanks to the Kernel Season's you can enjoy what you like the most: without unnecessary fat and calories.

Jacek S 07/26/2020


Nie byłem przekonany do ostrych, ale teraz popcon robię zawsze z mieszanką serowych i ostrych przypraw i jest sztos!

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    Kernel Season's Buffalo Wing Seasoning made with real cayenne & butter - Cheese seasoning with natural Cayenne pepper and savory butter chicken wings

    Capacity: 80g

    Ingredients: evaporated pepper sauce {red peppers, vinegar, salt, maltodextrin, dextrose, natural butterfat, hydrolyzed corn protein, paprika, vinegar, spices, corn oil, citric acid , anti-caking agent of silicon dioxide.

    Allergens: milk.

    Gluten free product.

    Nutrition facts per 1 serving of 1/4 teaspoon (100 portions per pack): 0kcal / 0kJ, 0g fat (including 0g saturated fats, 0g trans fat), 0g carbohydrates (0g sugars), 0g protein, 110mg sodium 275mg of salt)

    Nutritional values per 100g: 352kcal / 1475kJ, 8.4g fat (including 7.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat), 56.8g carbohydrates (including 22.3g sugars), 12.3g protein, 10.62g sodium ( equivalent to 26.56g of salt)

    Producer: Produced in the United States by Kernel Season's LLC, IL 60007, USA

    How to use: Shake before each use. Sprinkle on cooked food.

    Storage: Store in a dry place in tightly closed container.

    Best to eat before the end: 18 months from the date of production, the date of production recorded on the packaging according to the Julian calendar: the last digit means year and 3 penultimate digits the day of the year, eg 1895 to 189 days of 2015, July 8, 2015 is the date of production, So the minimum durability date of January 5, 2017.

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