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Fit Cookie sugar free chocolate hazelnut spread with erythritol

FIT Piškotek


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Roasted hazlnuts from Italian Piedmont area, stevia, erythritol and Valrhona cocoa - that's it.

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Net volume 200ml.; 19,98 pln/100ml.

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Main flavor:

We present you FIT cookies of hazelnut spreads with genuine taste in hazelnuts, and it is distinguished by the beautiful creamy and suuuuuper smooth texture.

I find a better version of Nutella with real taste in hazelnuts and sweetened with a calorie-free sweetener. Top combination.

For the smooth texture of the spread in slow and long mechanical process, special cylinders of our manufacturer are used, which are also used for making silky smooth chocolate. Long-lasting rolling and smoothing of the mass yields the smoothest and smoother structure.

The spread is excellent for lubrication on bread (such as FIT), pancakes, waffles, cauliflower, cakes, fruit, you can use it to prepare healthy desserts and baking. Let the imagination go freely. It only contains quality ingredients. The hazelnuts for our hazelnut spread come from the Piedmont region of the twenty countries that make up Italy. They are known among the hazelnuts as the best quality. The hams from the Piedmont region have a distinctive taste with a higher fat content, slightly lighter in color and more round in comparison with Turkish hazelnuts. These are the most common market. In 100g of our hazelnut spread, the 66% content of Piedmont Hazelnuts, with no added bad oils, WITHOUT MALTITOL and no added sugar. It contains only naturally occurring sugars.

Valrhona Cocoa is also provided for the stunning taste of the spread. What kind of brand Valrhona (the name of one of the most prestigious chocolates in the world in France where this cocoa is used) is known as the best cocoa in the market, characterized by its very pure and intense cocoa taste, with a very warm red mahogany color. Exceptional fineness and intensity of taste is guaranteed. Sunflower lecithin is added to the spread, which is an excellent natural thickener and our spread is a thicker pussy. It represents a connecting substance between the aqueous and fat phase and is free of genetically modified organisms. It contains only naturally occurring sugars. In the market, it appears primarily as a dietary supplement, which works well on bad cholesterol and as a normal ingredient in higher quality chocolates instead of allergenic soy lecithin.

For the sweetening of our spread, erythritol is used with a calorie-free steroid, which has many positive properties. The Eritritol brand of FIT cookie is in the ranking of the best quality, obtained from grapes, which verified does not affect the fluctuation of blood sugar. Unfortunately, there are differences between different types of erythritols, the worst and usually the cheapest erythritol sweeteners on the market are derived from genetically modified maize and affect blood sugar fluctuations, despite the indication that the glycemic index is 0. This is reported by many diabetics.

The spread is vegan and gluten-free. This is certified by the manufacturer. 

Porcja 30 g W 100 g
138.00 460.00
578.22 1,927.40
13.42 44.73
1.28 4.26
9.83 32.76
1.07 3.58
3.38 11.25
0.00 0.00
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Kraina Słodkości - sweet lollipop sweetened with stevia, blueberry flavor

Kraina Słodkości - sweet lollipop sweetened with stevia, blueberry flavor

Fit Cookie chocolate-nut cream without sugar

Net weight: 200g

Ingredients: roasted Italian hazelnuts (66%), sweetener erythritol and steviol glycosides, Valrhona cocoa (6%), sunflower lecithin.

Allergens: hazelnuts

Nutritional values in 100g: energy value 1927kJ / 460kcal, fats 44.7g (saturated fats 4.2g), carbohydrates 32.76g (including sugars 3.58g, polyols 28.0g), protein 11.25g, salt 0.002g

Manufacturer: Manufactured in the European Union for PINA D.O.O., Studence 36 A, 3310 Recomm., Slovenia

It should be consumed before: date on the packaging

Store: Store in a refrigerator after opening

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