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LocaWo High Protein & Low Carb Rustical Toast - ready-made protein toast bread in slices



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LocaWo High Protein & Low Carb is a series of vegan, soft bread with low carbohydrate content, reduced calories, high protein and fiber content. Breads and toasted bread are cut into slices and immediately ready to eat, they do not require baking.

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Weight net. 400g.; 6,93 pln/100g.

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At last :-)

New in Guiltfre is Locawo, probably the tastiest, protein-rich, low-carbohydrate and super-soft bread you miss on a reduction!

Locawo bread tastes - thanks to the innovative low-carbohydrate flour - like a delicious and fluffy bread from a bakery. It provides you with much more vegetable proteins with significantly reduced carbohydrate and sugar content than any other bread. You don't have to worry about the large amounts of fat found in other keto breads, e.g. almond flour or similar. Thanks to the specially developed Locawo flour formula, the flour can do without linseed, almond or similar oil seed flour and create high-protein and high-fiber bread, which is also low in calories!

The high protein content in Locawo breads goes hand in hand with the equally high fiber content, which together with proteins ensures a feeling of satiety for a long time. We bake our low carb protein breads in our own bakery and slice them for you before packaging.

LocaWo High Protein & Low Carb Rustical Toast - facts and figures

  • vegan - including, in particular, without milk, eggs and lactose
  • ready to eat, no baking required
  • 1 slice = 40g = 0.7WW
  • 54% fewer calories*
  • 68% less carbohydrates
  • 38% more vegetable protein

*compared to conventional bread

Expiry date and storage conditions

Locawo bread is soft, fresh and has a short shelf life (about 2-3 weeks), but as the manufacturer declares, it is just as good to eat after the expiry date. If you freeze unopened bread after delivery, it can be stored for 6-12 months. Compared to traditional baker's bread, we provide more enjoyment because our low-carb bread stays juicy and fresh for noticeably longer even after opening - important! If you don't freeze bread, store it at room temperature, not in the fridge!

Porcja 44.5 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 86.33  kcal 194.00  kcal
Energy value 360.90 811.00
Fats, 1.29 2.90
Saturated fats 0.13 0.30
Carbohydrates, 7.25 16.30
sugars 0.18 0.40
polyols 1.25 2.80
Protein 5.38 12.10
Fiber 14.64 32.90
Salt equivalent 0.62 1.40
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Toufayan Bakeries Smart Carb Pockets, low carb square pita pockets, 6pcs

Toufayan Bakeries Smart Carb Pockets, low carb square pita pockets, 6pcs

Locawo High Protein & Low Carb Rustical Toast - cut bread with reduced carbohydrate content and high protein and fiber content

It contains 54% less calories, 68% carbohydrates in 100g than standard multi -grain bread and 38% more protein.

Net weight 0.4kg
Ingredients: modified wheat starch*, water, wheat protein*, wheat flour*, wheat bran*, sweetener: erythritol, chicory root fiber, rapeseed oil, physiological salt, yeast, wheat fiber*, wheat malt*, acacia fiber, fiber rye malt flour* roasted, stabilizer: Guar rubber, food dye: carrot extract

Allergens: wheat, barley, gluten; may contain soy and sesame
Nutritional values in 100g: energy value 194.0kcal/811.0kj, fats 2.9g (including saturated fats 0.3g), carbohydrates 16.3g (including sugars 0.4g, polyole 2.8g), protein 12, 1g, fiber 32.9g, salt 1.4g

Manufacturer: produced in Germany by Locawo - INH. Thomas Wiechel, Große p. 31, 21380 Artlenburg, Deutschland

Importer: K.ward-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: Store in a dry place, protect against light. In order to extend the freshness of the bread, you can freeze the factory packed loaf for a period of up to 6 months, after thawing you should eat within a week.

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