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NOCCO BCAA Orange - sugar free energy drink with caffeine, l-carnitine and BCAA

NOCCO (No Carb Company)


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Carbonated drink without the sugar of the Swedish brand NOCCO (short for No Carbs Company) with a high content of branched chain amino acids BCAA (3000mg in 1 can); with L-carnitine or caffeine.

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Net volume 330ml.; 2,71 pln/100ml.

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Main flavor:

NOCCO BCAA is a slightly carbonated drink enriched with BCAA (a complex of branched chain amino acids) and vitamins, all NOCCO products do not contain sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and the flavors.

BCAA is the English term Branched Chain Amino Acids denoting a complex of branched chain amino acids. BCAAs are three amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine. These are essential amino acids (exogenous) that are not produced by our body and therefore require external supplementation, especially in the context of intensive training and building muscle mass. NOCCO BCAA + drinks contain a total of 5000 mg of BCAA in the proportions 4: 1: 1 3333mg L-Leucine, 833 mg L-isoleucine and 833 mg L-Valine. NOCCO BCAA shortens the period of regeneration after intense physical effort and positively affects the endurance of the body. It contains the optimal proportions of exogenous amino acids, which are extremely important in the case of increased physical activity. They are a preferential source of human energy and the building block of muscle tissue. Branched amino acids reduce the feeling of fatigue after training by reducing the amount of tryptophan in the blood, which leads to a decrease in serotonin (responsible for drowsiness and fatigue) in the brain, which is why they are often consumed in the form of supplements by athletes. BCAAs also have anti-catabolic potential in muscle cells, as they increase energy absorption from adipocytes by the body, reducing the consumption of amino acids to energy processes and positively affect the post-workout regeneration of muscle tissue. The human body uses about 20 amino acids for muscle production. 9 of them are so-called exogenous amino acids, that is, which the body is unable to produce itself and must be supplied "from the outside", eg through food, liquids. BCAA amino acids belong to this group.

The Swedish NOCCO BCAA drink contains a complex of branched-chain amino acids BCAA and six different vitamins that affect the reduced fatigue after exercise and help in the regeneration of muscle tissue - one can contains:

  • BCAA 4: 1: 1 (Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine) 3000 mg
  • Vitamin D (100% of daily requirement)
  • Vitamin B6 (100% of daily requirement)
  • Vitamin B12 (100% of daily requirement)
  • Biotin (100% of daily requirement)
  • Folic acid (100% of daily requirement)
  • Niacin (100% of daily requirement)

NOCCO drinks contain 5 different types of vitamin B: folic acid, niacin, biotin, B6 and B12. Folic acid, niacin. Vitamins B6 and B12 help reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Biotin, niacin, B6 and B12 contribute to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism. In addition, NOCCO BCAA also contains vitamin D, which affects the normal function of the muscles.

Porcja 330 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 16.50  kcal 5.00  kcal
kJ 66.00  kJ 20.00  kJ
Fats, including 0.00  g 0.00  g
saturated fats 0.00  g 0.00  g
Carbohydrates, including 0.00  g 0.00  g
sugars 0.00  g 0.00  g
Protein 2.97  g 0.90  g
Salt 0.00  g 0.00  g
Vitamine B3 (Niacin) 15.84  mg 4.80  mg
Vitamin B6 (Piridoxine) 1.39  mg 0.42  mg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 49.50  µg 15.00  µg
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) 198.00 60.00
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine) 2.64  µg 0.80  µg
Vitamin D 4.95  µg 1.50  µg
Other ingredients
BCAA 8:1:1 8,250.00  mg 2,500.00  mg
Caffeine 594.00  mg 180.00  mg


kupiłam napój bo była wyprzedaż, niestety jest bardzo niesmaczny. Może gdyby był gazowany byłby dobry. Nie polecam

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NOCCO BCAA Orange  - sugar free energy drink with caffeine, l-carnitine and BCAA

NOCCO BCAA Orange - sugar free energy drink with caffeine, l-carnitine and BCAA

Carbonated drink without the sugar of the Swedish brand NOCCO (short for No Carbs Company) with a high content of branched chain amino acids BCAA (3000mg in 1 can); with L-carnitine or caffeine.

NOCCO BCAA Orange low-calorie non-carbonated energy drink without sugar and without energy with BCAA, vitamins, L-carnitine, green tea extract and caffeine, orange flavor, contains sweeteners

Net volume: 330ml

Ingredients: water, branched chain amino acids BCAA (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine), L-carnitine tartrate, glucuronolactone, caffeine, green tea extract, vitamins (folic acid, biotin, niacin, B6, B12 and D3) , acidity regulator (citric acid and sodium citrate), aroma (orange), preservatives (sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate), sweetener (sucralose), dye (beta-carotene).

Nutritional values ​​in 100ml: energy value 15kJ / 4kcal, fats 0g (including 0g saturated fats), carbohydrates 0g (including sugars 0g), protein 0.9g, salt 0g. Vitamins: vitamin D 1.5μg (30% RWS *), biotin 15μg (30% RWS *), folic acid 60μg (305% RWS *), niacin 4.8mg (30% RWS *), vitamin B6 * 0.42mg (30% RWS *), vitamin B12 0.8μg (30% RWS *).

Nutritional values ​​in 1 portion of 330ml (the package contains 1 portion): energy value 66kJ / 16kcal, fat 0g (including 0g saturated fat), 0g carbohydrates (including 0g sugars), 3g protein, salt 0g. Vitamins: vitamin D 5μg (100% RWS *), niacin 16mg (1000% RWS *), vitamin B6 * 1.4mg (100% RWS *), folic acid 200μg (100% RWS *), vitamin B12 2.5μg ( 100% RWS *), biotin 50μg (100% RWS *). The other ingredients: caffeine 180mg, BCAA 4: 1: 1 [Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine] 3000mg, L-carnitine 400mg.

* RWS: dzienna referencyjna wartość spożycia. Referencyjna wartość spożycia dla przeciętnej osoby dorosłej (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).

Wysoka zawartość kofeiny - nie zaleca się stosowania u dzieci i kobiet w  ciąży i osób wrażliwych na kofeinę (55mg/100ml, 180mg w zalecanej porcji do spożycia w ciągu dnia (330ml). 

Zalecana porcja do spożycia w ciągu dnia:  330ml (1 puszka). Nie przekraczać dawki 3 porcji dziennie (3 puszki).

Data przydatności do spożycia: data EXP na dnie puszki DD.MM.RRRR

Warunki przechowywania: przechowywać w temperaturze pokojowej. Najlepiej podawać schłodzone. Po otwarciu wypić tego samego dnia.

Ostrzeżenie: Nie spożywać w przypadku uczulenia na którykolwiek ze składników produktu. Produkt nie powinien być spożywany przez kobiety w ciąży i matki karmiące. Nie należy przekraczać zalecanej porcji do spożycia w ciągu dnia! Suplement diety nie może być stosowany jako substytut (zamiennik) zróżnicowanej diety. Nie należy spożywać produktu w połączeniu z alkoholem.

Producent: wyprodukowano w Austrii dla No Carbs Company AB, SE-104 Stockholm, Szwecja.

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