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Ostrovit Oat Fiber - pure oat fiber 80% of fiber

OstroVit (NutVit)


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Pure oat fiber 100% oat fiber standardized for 80% fiber content, an indispensable vegan thickener in anabolic dietary recipes

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Net volume 200ml.; 4,39 pln/100ml.

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OstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE is a vegan dietary supplement in the form of oat fiber obtained from natural oat fibers. The preparation is characterized by a natural, grain flavor, which makes it perfect as an addition to yoghurt, porridge or home baking. You are looking for a natural remedy that will safely allow you to feel full and support the weight loss process

Dietary supplement OstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE is oat fiber in the form of a convenient to eat powder. The product is recommended to all people who want to take care of their health and are looking for a natural source of fiber with a neutral taste and smell. The supplement has wide health-promoting and prophylactic properties. It reduces digestive tract disorders and reduces the organism's susceptibility to diseases such as atherosclerosis or ischemic heart disease.

Oat fiber contains a high concentration of beta-glucans, which lower cholesterol and also slow down the absorption of sugars. Regular consumption of oat beta-glucans helps in the fight against bad LDL cholesterol. OstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE will work if:

  • you struggle with intestinal peristalsis disorders
  • you are on a slimming diet
  • you are overweight
  • your body's cholesterol level is high
  • you have elevated blood glucose levels
  • you want to support the detox process in the body

OstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE is a product designed for people for whom a healthy diet is a priority. One package of the product is as much as 40 portions of fiber, which with regular supplementation is enough for 20 days of use. The package comes with a convenient measuring cup, thanks to which you can precisely measure the amount of the product you need.

The most important characteristics of oat fiber

  • SUPPORTING ACTION - Due to the high content of beta-glucans, oat fiber effectively reduces cholesterol and supports the digestive system. You can eat it even if you suffer from peptic ulcer disease, mucosal catarrh, or have problems with regular bowel movements.
  • HEALTHY SUPPLEMENT TO THE DIET - OstroVit oat fiber effectively absorbs water, thanks to which it increases its volume. In this way, it allows you to feel full. As a result, you feel less hungry, eat less and, consequently, lose weight.
  • MANY USES - Fiber powder can be mixed with water, milk, juice or yoghurt. You can also use it in smoothies and porridge. It works well as an addition to dough, pasta or bread.
  • PRODUCT FOR VEGAN - The applied process of obtaining fiber from oat fibers makes the composition of the product very simple and you will not find any unnecessary substances in it. There are also no animal ingredients, so fiber can be part of a vegan diet.

Porcja 10 g W 100 g
18.60 186.00
77.93 779.34
0.01 0.10
0.01 0.10
0.49 4.90
0.01 0.10
8.00 80.00
0.13 1.30
0.00 0.01

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Ostrovit Oat Fiber - a powdered dietary supplement consisting of oat fiber obtained from natural oat fibers

Net weight: 200g

Ingredients: oat fiber (contains gluten)
Allergens: gluten, oats; may contain milk, nuts, including peanut, soy, sesame, other grains containing gluten, eggs, fish and crustaceans

Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 186.0kcal / 779.3kJ, 0.1g fat (including 0.1g saturated fat), 4.9g carbohydrates (including 0.1g sugars), 80.0g fiber, protein 1, 3g, salt 0.0g

Nutritional values in 10g: energy value 18.6kcal / 77.9kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 0.4g (including sugars 0.0g), fiber 8.0g, protein 0, 1g, salt 0.0g

Producer: Made in the EU for Fitness Trading from Argentine peanuts.

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