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Fitness Authority Candy Bar Double Chocolate - 24g protein per 200kcal

Fitness Authority


New product

Delicate, soft, delicious sweet bar combining maximally high protein content with the lowest calorie content. The bar contains no maltitol, and its composition is complemented by two patented ingredients: Oysteri® chicory oligosaccharides and Trupro® pea protein.

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Weight net. 50g.; 9,68 pln/100g.

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Protein bar at a good price, with a great composition, pleasant consistency and excellent taste, and also without maltitol and a brilliant proportion of protein content to calories? In one sentence, you can describe Candy Bar with the Fitness Authority.

Although it is usual to think that the higher the protein content, the more rubber texture of the baton, FA Candy Bar is the negation of this theory - it is delicate, soft and melts in the mouth, and a few bars can boast of 23g or 24g of protein in only 200kcal !

The FA Candy Bar has no added sugar and has a low net carbohydrate content, and at the same time there is no maltitol, which is important information for people who are hypersensitive to this sweetener.

Orafti® is an innovative ingredient of functional food in the form of a liquid fructo-oligosaccharide obtained from the root of chicory (not to be confused with fructose, convergence of random names :)). Orafti® is used as a prebiotic fiber to support the health of the digestive system and as a natural substitute for sugar in low-carbohydrate products. As a compound of inulin and oligofructose, Orafti® has a proven action to support the balanced development of the bacterial flora of the digestive system by stimulating the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria, a key factor of a healthy digestive system. In this way, it contributes to the maintenance of normal body weight and has a beneficial effect on increasing calcium intake. EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has approved the research showing that Orafti® reduces the after-meal glycemic response of the body, making it a key ingredient in low-glycemic diets.

Trupro® is characterized by excellent solubility and stability of yellow pea protein with high content of vegetable protein of 83% and low sodium content. This highest quality vegetable protein offers an extraordinary crunch of the finished product and intensifies the taste of the bar, and in itself is essentially tasteless. Trupro® pea protein is especially popular in innovative protein products for vegans and people allergic to soy or lactose.

You live in a constant run, and you're not going to starve? Do you want to maintain your daily diet and take care of your daily caloric balance, so that the gym and your diet plan will not be wasted? Reach for a new protein bar CANDY Protein Bar - a high-protein snack based on a unique recipe. CANDY Protein Bar provides as much as 46% of protein from whey concentrate and vegetable protein - peas. The product is a great alternative to unhealthy sweets that do not provide the body with beneficial nutritional values. Baton CANDY Protein Bar is the perfect support for people during weight loss, a great fit / cheat meala proposition, as well as a convenient and tasty way to supplement protein and fiber. Due to the high portion of proteins, the bar can facilitate the building and maintenance of muscle mass. The addition of fiber in the form of fruco-oligosaccharides (FOS) derived from chicory, has a positive effect on the regulation of digestion and is a natural prebiotic that supports probiotic bacteria, which are a physiological intestinal microbiota.

  • High protein content
  • Addition of real fruit
  • No added sugar
  • Supplements your daily diet with fiber
  • It supports building and maintaining muscle mass
  • The Fitness Authority Wellness Candy Protein Bar is one of a kind!

You probably think that CANDY Protein Bar is another hard protein bar, the taste of which is artificial and has nothing to do with classic sweets. Nothing more wrong! Technology and raw materials used for the production of CANDY Protein Bar is just a guarantee of the unique taste and structure abounding in pieces of fruit, giving a real pleasure at every bite, which complements the pleasure.

CANDY Protein Bar is a convenient solution that you can reach at any time of the day. Perfect after training or when you get hungry on the road or work. CANDY Protein Bar is also a tasty addition to your morning coffee.

Fitness Authority Candy Bar

Porcja 50 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 200.50  kcal 401.00  kcal
Energy value 837.00 1,674.00
Fats, 8.50 17.00
Saturated fats 7.50 15.00
Carbohydrates, 6.50 13.00
sugars 2.80 5.60
polyols 3.25 6.50
Protein 23.00 46.00
Fiber 5.50 11.00
Salt equivalent 0.10 0.20
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Fitness Authority Wellness Line Candy Bar Double Chocolate protein bar with sweeteners

Net weight: 50g

Ingredients: instant whey protein concentrate (from milk), Orafti® fructooligosaccharides (from chicory), coconut oil, humectant (E420), Trupro® pea protein (7%), pieces of lyophilized raspberry (1%), salt, preservative (potassium sorbate), flavors, emulsifier (sodium carboxymethylcellulose), sweetener (sucralose).

Allergens: milk; it may contain soya, eggs and nuts

Nutritional values ​​in 1 bar: energy value 202kcal / 845kJ, fats 8.5g (including saturated fatty acids 7.5g), carbohydrates 6g (including sugars 2.4g, polyols 6.3g), fiber 5.5g, protein 24g , salt 0.1g

Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 405kcal / 1692kJ, fats 17g (including saturated fatty acids 15g), carbohydrates 12g (including sugars 4.8g, polyols 6.5g), fiber 11g, protein 48g, salt 0,2g

Producer: Manufactured in the EU by Fitness Authority® Sp. z o.o., Konna 40 80-174 Otomin

Storage: in a dry, dark and cool place in a tightly closed container.

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