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Happiness Xylit Incognita - sugar-free chewing gum with xylitol

Happydent Xylit


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Sugar-free chewing gum fruit flavored with mysterious fruit, having a positive effect on oral xylitol (13% xylitol content).

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Weight net. 2.2g.; 20,45 pln/100g.

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Sweetened xylitol is a sugar-rich chewing gum with intense flavor of mysterious fruit - ideal for suppressing appetite in the intervals between meals, if you're scrupulously counting calories.

Gummy gum comes mainly from birch xylitol - not only is it low calorie, but it also helps suppress appetite and has a positive effect on the health of the oral cavity because xylitol works to prevent the development of caries-causing bacteria.

Porcja 30 g W 100 g
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Happydent Xylit Fruit Incognita chicles sin azúcar con edulcorantes - sugar free fruit flavored chewing gum, contains sweeteners

Net weight: 2,2g

Ingredients: Sweeteners (sorbitol, xylitol (13%), maltitol syrup, aspartame, acesulfame potassium), gum base, stabilizer (glycerol), aromas, acidity regulators (malic acid, citric acid), maltodextrin, dried fruit powder Strawberry, raspberry concentrate, emulsifier lecithin (soybean), fatty acid esters}, antioxidant E321.It contains a source of phenylalanine.Insulation in excessive amounts can cause a laxative effect.

Producer: Produced in Spain for Chupa Chups S.A.U. Polígono Industrial Sector Serra, Carrer de les Masies, 16, 08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, Spain

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place in a sealed container

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