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Jok n Al Low Calorie Fruit Spread, Apricot 10 oz.

Jok n Al


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Jok n Al Fruit Spreads are low calorie, low carb, low in sugars, gluten free and have a full rich taste. Enjoy Jok n Al Fruit Spreads on tortillas, bread, toast, muffins, and ice cream.

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Net volume 250ml.; 7,90 pln/100ml.

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Jok n Al Low Calorie Fruit Spreads might be the best thing you will ever discover while enjoying a low carb lifestyle - their flavor and structure is simply spectacular. They don't have that gelatin consistency you get with some other sugar free fruit spreads, and they are just sweet enough without being over sweet or bitter. The texture is spot on.

If you are on keto you can mix a tablespoon (or two) of this low calorie, low carb spread (try it with lemon curd!) to a 1/2 cup of 5% Greek yogurt and it is wonderful. You can make it into a yogurt parfait by adding some grain free granola, like Granola Bakery Keto Granola.

Creamy Fruit Mouse (an original Jok'n'Al recipe)

4 servings

1 cup low fat unsweetened yogurt
1 1/2 cups Jok n Al Topping or 1 cup Jok n Al Fruit Spread - flavor of your choice
2 teaspoons gelatin (for Topping) or 1 teaspoon gelatin (for Fruit Spread)
2 egg whites
1 tablespoon lemon juice (to taste)

Combine yogurt and Topping or if using Jok'n'Al Fruit Spread, heat Jok'n'Al Fruit Spread over low heat until melted, then combine with yogurt. Dissolve gelatine over low heat with 1-2 tablespoons water. When thoroughly dissolved, mix into yogurt mixture. Fold in egg whites, which have been beaten until soft peaks form. Add lemon juice. Pour into bowl or individual glasses. Serve with crisp dessert biscuits or wafers, low fat dairy whip or whipped cream if liked.

Quick Cheesecake or Dessert Glaze (an original Jok'n'Al recipe)

Melt Jok'n'Al Fruit Spread of your choice (jar can be microwaved).
Spoon over chilled cheesecake.
Chill again. Jok'n'Al Fruit Spread will set again (after melting) to give an attractive fruity glaze to your cheesecake.

Porcja 15 g W 100 g
9.00 60.00
37.71 251.40
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
2.00 13.33
1.00 6.67
0.10 0.67
0.00 0.00
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Jok'n'Al low-calorie * fruit preserves without added sugar with sweeteners

* It contains on average 60% less calories in 100g of the product than a similar product sweetened with sugar

Net volume: 250ml

Ingredients: fruits (40%), water, polydextrose, fructose, fruit pectins, carob thickener, acid (malic acid, citric acid), potassium sorbate preservative, sucralose sweetener.

Excessive consumption (over 50g once or 100g daily) may cause a laxative effect.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 60.0kcal / 251.4kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 13.3g (including sugars 6.6g), protein 0.6g, salt 0, 0g

Producer: Made in the USA for JOKNAL Products Ltd., Riverlands, Blenheim, NZ, USA

Distributor: K Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Store in a dry and cool place, protected from light. Refrigerate after opening and consume within a month.

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