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Damhert Tagatesse Confituur berry currant



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One of the least caloric jams produced from fruits (not to be confused with low-calorie jam-like fruit products), sweetened with innovative tagatos.

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Weight net. 210g.; 4,74 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Prepare for an explosion of fruit flavors - sweetened Damhert with berries and currants without sugar will delight you with the taste of traditional homemade jams - it's hard to believe it contains as much as 60% less calories than traditional jam and just 5g of sugar.

The difference between plain jams and most low sugar jams is the reduction in sugar added to jam - such low sugar jams are less sweet and still contain about 30% added pure sugar - Damhert Tagatose jams are dedicated to people with diabetes or for other reasons strictly dieting. Despite the lack of sugar on the list of ingredients, Damhert jams are as sweet as traditional preserves, their sweetness comes from low glycemic tagatos. For some sugarless jams, sugar is replaced by concentrated apple or grape juice, for example, Łowicz Jam 100% Strawberry fruit - such a change does not reduce the calorie content of jam or sugar content, such jam contains more than 30g of sugar, jam. To make jams really low-sugar, low-calorie, low-sugar and low-carbohydrate all the sources of simple sugars, also concentrated fruit juices, should be eliminated - that is why the tagamole is used in the Damhert jam to sweeten. Compared to the Łowicz Jam, strawberry low-sugar Jam Damhert contains 31% less calories and over 6 times less sugar.

Damhert low-fat and low-calorie jams do not contain artificial thickeners, preservatives, dyes or flavors - they are prepared according to the traditional ripe citrus fruit pectin recipe and the only way to eliminate them is to eliminate unnecessary sugar.

What is tagatron?

Damhert's natural sweet taste is based on the patented Belgian tagatoze derived from cow's milk (the synthesis of tagatose is devoid of milk allergens and contains no milk proteins), a safe sweetener for diabetics because its intake does not cause rapid increase in blood glucose. In terms of chemistry, tagatose is a straight sugar with 6 carbon bonds and thus a fructose-like structure. The sweetness of tagatose is close to sugar and amounts to as much as 92% of the sweetness of white table sugar, but its calorific value is many times lower - the greatest advantage of tagatose is almost the metabolism of the human body. The second major advantage of tagatoses compared to polyols (eg xylitol, sorbitol, etc.) is that it does not cause diarrhea or bloating but primarily is a sweetener. Low-sugar sweeteners for Diabetics Tagatesse Slim

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7.04 46.90
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Damhert Tagatesse Confituur bosbessen, rode bessen metatose - low calorie berry currant *, without added sugar, contains sweeteners

Contains an average of 60% calories in 100g compared to traditional sweetened sugar jam

Net Weight: 210g

Ingredients: fruits (25% red berries, 25% red carnations), sweetener tagatose (24%), vegetable fiber (dextrin), water, fruit gelling agent, citric acid regulator, sucralose sweetener. Prepared from 50g of fruit per 100g of finished product. The product without added sugar, contains naturally occurring sugars in the amount of 5.4g / 100g.

Nutritional values in 100g: energy 97kcal / 414 kJ, 02.g fat (including saturated fatty acids <0.1g), 46,9g carbohydrates (including sugars 5.4g, tagatose 29.2g), protein 0.4g, 17.7g fiber, 15mg salt

Manufacturer: Manufactured in Belgium by Damhert NV / SA, Kapelstraat 154, 3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Storage: Store in a dry and dark place in a tightly closed container. After opening store in the refrigerator.

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