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Szarłat sea buckthorn-orange no added sugar fruite spread with xylitol



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Rich in extremely stable form of vitamin C, sea-buckthorn jam sweetened only with xylitol is the first jam of this kind on the market. Sea buckthorn berries are a rich source of rarely occurring Omega-7 acid, which positively affects the stomach mucosa.

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Weight net. 150g.; 11,33 pln/100g.

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Sea buckthorn is 'Gold of Siberia'. Sea buckthorn contains in its composition almost 200 bioactive substances. It contains, inter alia, large amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants, numerous minerals and other vitamins. What is particularly important, vitamin C contained in sea-buckthorn berries is extremely durable and does not lose its properties even during processing, therefore, unlike jams from other fruits, sea-buckthorn products contain almost as much vitamin C as fresh fruit. Sea buckthorn jam is an excellent addition to desserts and dry dishes, which gives a refined character, well blends with both sweet desserts and savory dishes. Jam can also be added to tea or other hot drinks.

Sea buckthorn berries contain fat, which is attributed to high medicinal properties due to the high content of Omega-7 acid. It affects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, the work of the vascular system, urogenital system, relieves inflammation, regenerates the epidermis.

Co-authors of the original recipe for sea buckthorn jam are scientists from the Department of Chemistry and Vegetable Materials Processing of the Faculty of Food Sciences of the University of Warmia and Mazury - sea buckthorn jam proved to be the hit of World Food Warsaw Fair and in 2018 won the gold medal in the fruit and vegetable products, vegetable products, is the first jam on the market in which sea buckthorn is the main ingredient. Szarłat is basically homemade jam, as our grandmothers once did, with a fair amount of fruit, and the only thing that distinguishes it from traditional preserves is the use of xylitol instead of sugar. Sea buckthorn jam also contains natural fatty acids, because sea-buckthorn berries have fat in cellular juice, skins and in stone, so we can also say that it is jam with omega-7 acids, because it is the dominant acid in sea buckthorn berries, rarely found in the natural environment and it is the sea buckthorn that owes its pro-health properties. The sea buckthorn oil contained in fruit is rich, among others in lutein, which supports the proper functioning of the eye and can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Sea buckthorn has a lot to offer. It can help us externally and internally. It has long been used in folk medicine of countries of Eastern Europe, where it is treated almost like a panacea. Dried berries of sea buckthorn served as the function of multivitamin tablets. In contrast, sea buckthorn oil supports the regeneration of burns and hard-to-heal wounds. There are test results confirming that it also supports the treatment of erosive of the digestive system, including healing of stomach ulcers.

Porcja 30 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 42.30  kcal 141.00  kcal
Energy value 177.90 593.00
Fats, 0.60 2.00
Saturated fats 0.23 0.75
Carbohydrates, 9.90 33.00
sugars 7.50 25.00
polyols 2.40 8.00
Protein 0.24 0.81
Fiber 0.00 0.00
Salt equivalent 0.00 0.00
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G. Hughes sugar free Steak Sauce

G. Hughes sugar free Steak Sauce

Szarłat sea buckthorn-orange no added sugar fruite spread with xylitol

Net weight: 150g

Ingredients: sea buckthorn berries (63.7%), sweetener - xylitol * (19.3%), orange puree (15.9%), gelling substance - pectin.

Ingestion in excessive amounts may have a laxative effect.

Nutritional values in 100g: energy value: 593kJ / 141kcal, fat: 2g, including saturated fatty acids: 0.75g, carbohydrates: 33g, including sugars: 8g, polyols (xylitol) 25g, protein: 0.81g, salt: 0g, vitamin C: 41mg

Producer: produced in Poland for "SZARŁAT" M and W Lenkiewicz Spółka Jawna, Cibory Gałeckie 46, 16-075 Zawady

Storage: store in a dry, dark and cool place, after opening, store in a refrigerator.

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