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Callowfit Sauce Tomato Ketchup 300ml - fat free, low carb, no aded sugar sauce



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Fat-free, sugar-free, low-calorie tomato sauce & curry in zero-calorie version. Intense flavor, thick, aromatic sauce almost does not contain calories, there is no added sugar or fat. An excellent addition to many dishes, especially Asian cuisine, fits perfectly with rice, pasta, chicken and vegetable dishes or as an addition to sandwiches.

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Net volume 300ml.; 9,17 pln/100ml.

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Main flavor:

Fat-free, sugar-free, low-calorie slightly spicy ketchup sauce with notes of exotic curry is a great addition to many dishes, especially Asian cuisine, it's great for rice, pasta, chicken and vegetable dishes. With an addition like curry sauce even simple light dishes like boiled chicken breast or roasted fish will never be boring! The fullness of taste - no calories! Curry sauce is a classic position of Indian cuisine, which owes its characteristic taste to a properly selected mixture of spices, the most common ingredients of classic Indian curry: turmeric, ginger, chilli pepper, mustard, coriander and Roman cumin - this mixture of spices perfectly highlights the taste of meat and extracts of them, the best, enriching with the unique taste of the Far East.

CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings are our new trend brand for a healthier diet. We don’t add any fat, sugar or flavour enhancers. Excellent taste, suitable for every meal – whether meat, fish or salad. Our sauces are made of natural raw ingredients, such as tomato, salt, pepper and spices, which have been gently cooked and cooled.

CALLOWFIT® sauces not only look like real sauces and dressings – they also taste that way. Try them and see for yourself!

There’s no such thing like sauces and dressings with no fat and sugar, with almost 0 calories and with a whole lot of taste? Oh, yes, there is! Because now there are CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings. No more water on your plate or soup in your salad! A thick and creamy consistency, suitable for salads, meat, fish or just for dipping. Just 1-5 calories per serving makes every meal a healthy pleasure.

No-one has to forego taste – whether it’s a matter of a spicy Italian, smoky grilled, Parmesan or a light dill and cucumber flavour – CALLOWFIT® sauces complement and combine every meal with a unique, delicious and light taste experience. This is the new CALLOWFIT® taste innovation!

In contrast to traditional sauces and dressings, we don’t use sugar, fat, flavour enhancers or animal products. All our sauces are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. What’s more, our sauces and dressings are free of lactose, gluten and aspartame.

  • Our sauces are 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Greasy sauces are a thing of yesterday – we simply don’t make them!
  • You won’t find any industrial sugar in our sauces!
  • We guarantee you a 100% taste experience!
  • No milk or dairy products – guaranteed. Suitable for allergy sufferers!
  • Guaranteed free of gluten. Suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Aspartame free
  • max 5cal per serving

Eat what you see. This is important for us. That’s why you can also see our sauces. We don’t cover anything up! All you see is pure sauce, so all you’ll get is pure taste.

CALLOWFIT® sauces and dressings are easy to pour and handle. The clean closure allows you to pour out just the amount of sauce you want.

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11.40 38.00
47.70 159.00
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0.00 0.00
2.22 7.40
0.84 2.80
0.42 1.40
0.30 1.00
0.62 2.08
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Callowfit Sauce Ketchup - a low calorie, fat-free tomato sauce, contains a sweetener

Net volume: 300ml

Ingredients: water, modified corn starch, vinegar, tomato concentrate (22.5%), salt, pepper, herbs, spices, food acid: lactic acid (E270), thickener: xanthan gum (E415), aroma (contains soy) , food acid: citric acid (E330), preservative: potassium sorbate (E202), sweetener: sucralose (E955).

Allergens: contains milk, soy. May contain gluten, eggs, nuts.

Nutritional values in 100g: energy value 127kJ / 30kcal, fat 0g (including saturated fatty acids 0g), carbohydrates 6.5g (including sugars 0.5g), protein 0.5g, fiber 0.7g, salt 2.2g.

Producer: Manufactured in the Netherlands for the Callowfit Store

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

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