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Sunwarrior Clean Keto Chocolate (720 g)



New product

Sunwarrior has created a clean and easy way to stay in Ketosis with our unique protein blend and clean, keto-supporting ingredients. Sunwarrior’s synergistic blend of healthy fats, plant-based protein blend, essential vitamins, and Aquamin minerals come together in a powerful combination to help you burn fat and stay full of energy on a ketogenic diet.

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Weight net. 720g.; 27,28 pln/100g.

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Sunwarrior has created a clean and easy way to stay in Ketosis with their unique protein blend and clean, keto-supporting ingredients. Lose weight and improve energy levels, metabolism, and overall health with their expertly crafted Clean Keto Protein Peptide solution.

Eating a ketogenic diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carbs) puts your body into a state of ketosis where your body burns fat as energy, instead of sugar. When your body enters ketosis, both your blood sugar and insulin levels drop. This drop allows the fat cells to release the water they've been storing. With the water gone, the fat cells are now small enough to enter the bloodstream and be used as energy.

Sunwarrior's synergistic blend of healthy fats, plant-based protein blend, essential vitamins, and Aquamin come together in a powerful combination to help you burn fat, control your cravings, stay focused, and have the energy you need to crush the goals you have set for yourself!

Clean Keto Protein Blend

  • Fava Bean
    The fava bean is high in fiber and protein and is an excellent source of iron. It naturally raises L-dopa (L-dopamine).
  • Peptides from Rice
    Rice peptides promote the cell's hydration and regeneration due to their concentration of glutamine and alanine. These small-chain proteins are more absorbable, so they are easily utilized by the body. Their bioavailability supports healthy weight and general well-being.
  • Pea Protein
    Contains branched-chain amino acids. Pea protein helps you feel fuller longer, supports metabolism, helps maintain healthy weight, promotes muscle growth, and supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Clean Keto Matrix

72% Fat + 22% Protein + 6% Net Carbs, including 7g Fiber

  • MCT (coconut oil)
    Medium-chain triglycerides are small molecules, allowing penetration into cell membranes quickly without the need for enzymes for absorption. Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat, consisting of beneficial medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    To support the nervous system and healthy red blood cells, Plant-Based Clean Keto Protein Peptides provides vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
  • Aquamin™

    This multi-mineral complex is derived from marine algae to support bone and joint health.
Porcja 48 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 280.00  kcal 583.33  kcal
kJ 1,171.52  kJ 2,440.67  kJ
Fats, including 20.00  g 41.67  g
saturated fats 20.00  g 41.67  g
Carbohydrates, including 4.00  g 8.33  g
sugar 0.00  g 0.00  g
Fiber 7.00  g 14.58  g
Protein 14.00  g 29.17  g
Salt 1.02  g 2.11  g
Vitamins & minerals
Vitamin C 28.00  mg 58.33  mg
Vitamin D3 1.00  μg 2.08  μg
Calcium 210.00  mg 437.50  mg
Iron 5.70  mg 11.88  mg
Potassium 210.00  mg 437.50  mg
Omega fatty acids profile
Omega3 1,051.00  mg 2,189.58  mg
Omega6 337.00  mg 702.08  mg
Omega9 2,853.00  mg 5,943.75  mg
Omega9 2,853.00  mg 5,943.75  mg
Amino Acid Profile
Alanine 595.00  mg 1,239.58  mg
Arginine 330.00  mg 687.50  mg
Aspartic Acid 719.00  mg 1,497.92  mg
Cysteine 400.00  mg 833.33  mg
Glutamatic Acid 432.00  mg 900.00  mg
Glycine 373.00  mg 777.08  mg
Histidine 281.00  mg 585.42  mg
Isoleucine 1,816.00  mg 3,783.33  mg
Leucine 1,270.00  mg 2,645.83  mg
Lysine 2,692.00  mg 5,608.33  mg
Methionine 492.00  mg 1,025.00  mg
Phenylalanine 222.00  mg 462.50  mg
Proline 449.00  mg 935.42  mg
Serine 141.00  mg 293.75  mg
Threonine 297.00  mg 618.75  mg
Tryptophan 151.00  mg 314.58  mg
Tyrosine 800.00  mg 1,666.67  mg
Valine 1,130.00  mg 2,354.17  mg
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Sina sugar free ginger & mint hard candies

Sina sugar free ginger & mint hard candies

Sunwarrior Clean Keto Protein Peptides with MCT & trace minerals, Chocolate - vegan protein supplement with plant protein peptides and MCT oil, contains sweeteners

Net weight: 0.72 kg

Ingredients: MCT Oil Powder (Coconut Oil, Acacia Gum Thickener), Fava Broad Bean Protein, Organic Fermented Pea Protein, Organic Cocoa, Organic Chocolate Flavor, Organic Fiber, Organic Fermented Brown Rice Peptides, Sea Salt, Sea Algae, Organic Sweetener steviol glycosides.

Allergens: May contain nuts, including peanuts

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 583.3kcal / 2440.6kJ, fat 41.6g (including saturated fat 41.6g), carbohydrates 8.3g (including 0g sugars), fiber 14.5g, protein 29.1g, salt 2,1 g
Vitamins and minerals: vitamin C 58.3 mg, vitamin d3 2.0 mcg, calcium 437.5 mg, iron 11.8 mg, potassium 437.5 mg

Lipid profile of omega acids: Omega3 2189.5mg, Omega6 702.0mg, Omega9 5943.7mg

Amino acid profile: alanine 1239.5 mg, arginine 687.5 mg, aspartic acid 1497.9 mg, cysteine ​​833.3 mg, glutamine 900.0 mg, glycine 777.0 mg, histidine 585.4 mg, isoleucine 3783.3 mg, leucine 2645.8 mg, lysine 5608.3mg, methionine 1025.0mg, phenylalanine 462.5mg, proline 935.4mg, serine 293.7mg, threonine 618.7mg, tryptophan 314.5mg, tyrosine 1666.6mg, valine 2354.1mg

Nutritional values ​​in 48g: energy value 280.0kcal / 1171.5kJ, fat 20.0g (including saturated fat 20.0g), carbohydrates 4.0g (including sugars 0.0g), fiber 7.0g, protein 14, 0g, salt 1.0g

Vitamins and minerals: vitamin C 28mg, vitamin d3 1mcg, calcium 210mg, iron 5.7mg, potassium 210mg

Lipid profile of omega acids: Omega3 1051mg, Omega6 337mg, Omega9 2853mg

Amino acid profile: alanine 595mg, arginine 330mg, aspartic acid 719mg, cysteine ​​400mg, glutamine 432mg, glycine 373mg, histidine 281mg, isoleucine 1816mg, leucine 1270mg, lysine 2692mg, methionine 492mg, phenylalophyllate 442mg, septonerine 442mg, sepylalophyllate 442mg 151mg, tyrosine 800mg, valine 1130mg
Recommended daily intake required to obtain the beneficial effects of the product: 48g of powder (1 portion) mixed with 250ml - 300ml of water or a selected drink. The ready-to-eat product should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed on the same day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! The dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body.

Warning: Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. The product should not be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Natural product. Color, texture, flavor and other characteristics may vary depending on a number of factors. Despite striving for perfection, the producer is not able to control the forces of nature.

Producer: Manufactured in the USA for Sunwarrior 2250 N. Coral Canyon Blvd., Ste 100, Washington UT 84780, USA

Storage conditions: store in a dry place in a tightly closed container. Protect against moisture, light and heat. Store out of the reach of small children.

Best before end: expiry date on the bottom of the package

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