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Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts, Caramel Crunch 8oz

Fearless Keto


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Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts can be used as a salad or dessert topping, or just eaten straight out of the bag. Sweetened with a blend of erythritol, monk fruit, and stevia and contain no artificial ingredients. 

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Weight net. 227g.; 23,27 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts can be used as a salad or dessert topping, or just eaten straight out of the bag. Sweetened with a blend of erythritol, monk fruit, and stevia, Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts are made with California walnuts, and contain no artificial ingredients. Walnuts are both higher in fat and lower in carbs than almonds which makes them the perfect snack for anyone on a Keto or low carb diet.

Crispy roasted walnuts in a sweet glaze without a gram of sugar consisting of erythritol, stevia and monk fruit, with a hint of natural flavor.

Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts is a filling, tasty sweet keto snack, perfect for crunching on your own straight from the bag (large - the package is up to 8 portions!), Or as an addition / topping for desserts, yoghurt, porridge, cake or omelette. The walnuts used by Fearless Keto are walnuts of the English variety, derived from Californian crops, valued for their high content of healthy fats and a distinct, yet delicate flavor. 1 serving of Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts contains as much as 2g of ALA (α-linolenic acid)

Very crunchy peanuts with no added sugar, tightly surrounded by a quilt of natural aromatic additives, are an excellent, refined snack without gluten and without added sugar, characterized by a low glycemic index

Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts - key features

  • crunchy
  • suitable for diabetics
  • suitable for a ketogenic diet, low carb, LCHF
  • paleo
  • no added sugar - sweetened only with erythritol, stevia and monk fruit contain only sugars found naturally in nuts
  • glycemic index
  • made of Californian walnuts with the best fat profile
  • source of protein, fiber, potassium and vitamin E, as well as healthy fatty acids
  • 100% natural, simple composition - no artificial ingredients

Stay #Fearless

Porcja 28 g W 100 g
kcal 180.00  kcal 642.86  kcal
kJ 753.12  kJ 2,689.71  kJ
Fats, inculding 18.00  g 64.29  g
Saturated fats 1.50  g 5.36  g
Carbohydrates, including 5.00  g 17.86  g
sugar 0.50  g 1.79  g
erythritol 3.00  g 10.71  g
Fiber 2.00  g 7.14  g
Protein 4.00  g 14.29  g
Salt 0.00  g 0.00  g

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Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts, Caramel Crunch - walnuts in a sugar-free glaze with caramel flavor, no added sugar, contain sweeteners

Net weight: 227g

Ingredients: walnuts, Monksweet's original sweetener blend (erytrol sweetener, monk fruit sweetener, steviol glycoside sweetener), natural caramel flavor.

Allergens: contains walnuts; May contain soybeans and nuts other than those listed including peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans and coconut.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 642.8kcal / 2689.7kJ, fat 64.2g (including saturated fat 5.3g), carbohydrates 17.8g (including sugars 1.7g, erythritol 10.7g), fiber 7, 1g, protein 14.2g, salt 0.0g

Nutritional values ​​in 1 serving (8 servings per package): energy value 180.0kcal / 753.1kJ, fat 18.0g (including 1.5g saturated fat), 5.0g carbohydrates (including 0.5g sugars, 0.0g), fiber 2.0g, protein 4.0g, salt 0.0g

Producer: Manufactured in the USA for Dandelion Group, LLC Cedar Hill, Texas 75104 USA

Distributor: K Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Store in a dry, cool and dark place in a tightly closed container; after opening the packaging, to preserve the taste, it is best to store the product in the refrigerator, protecting it from the source of intense smells.

Best before: date on the package in the USA format, ie MM / DD / YYYY

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