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Tarami Oishii Konjac Jelly Muscat Grape 42kcal Drinkable Konjac Jelly



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A unique, ultra-low-calorie filling dessert - the best-selling Japanese jellies, a dessert drinkable semi-liquid dessert jelly with a low calorie content (35-45kcal in the entire package depending on the taste), with natural aromas, natural dyes and fruit juice concentrate.

A reductive must-have if you often have an unstoppable craving for 'something sweet'.

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Net volume 150ml.; 5,31 pln/100ml.

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Main flavor:

Oishii Konjac Jelly - dessert drinking jelly with konjac glucomannan - your sweet rescue on a diet when you have an irresistible desire for something sweet is # 1 Japanese fruit desserts - low-calorie, original, sweet, sweet Konjac jelly with an intensely fruity flavor.

Oishi means 'delicious' in Japanese So simply yummyness! And only 40kcal!

The Oishii Konjac Jelly liquid drinking jelly by Tarami is the most popular jelly dessert in Japan. Juicy, surprisingly structured gel liquid consistency of drinking jelly with the addition of natural fruit juices and konjak flour (i.e. the ground root of the Far Eastern plant, the same from which the famous low-calorie shirataki pasta is made). Due to the content of dietary fiber, glucomannan, the jelly increases the feeling of satiety and thus suppresses the appetite, at the same time satisfying the desire for sweets.

Ready-made Japanese semi-liquid jellies in tubes are a dietary must-have - vegan dessert jelly for drinking contains glucomannan, plant fiber from the Asian Konjac root, which gives the feeling of satiety and gives the jelly a pleasantly thick consistency.

The most important information about Oishii Konjac Jelly:

  • negligible calorific value - the entire package (150 ml) has about 40 kcal
  • no added sugar, it only contains a few grams of sugar found naturally in fruit juices
  • with the addition of real fruit juices
  • based on the Asian fiber glucomannan used successfully in very low calorie diets as an ingredient that gives you the feeling of satiety
  • no refrigeration required (although a chilled dessert takes the flavor to the next level!)
  • in a convenient screw-cap tube - you don't have to eat everything at once
  • no allergens
  • vegan, contain only natural plant thickeners
  • without gelatin
  • no milk, lactose
  • filling
Porcja 150 g W 100 g
37.50 25.00
157.13 104.75
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
11.81 7.87
6.50 4.33
0.00 0.00
0.10 0.07

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Oishii Konjac Jelly Muscat Grape Tarami - vegetable-fruit dessert jelly to drink with fruit juice concentrate and glucomannan fiber, sugar-free, with sweeteners

Net weight: 150g

Ingredients: muscat grape juice, dextrin (dietary fiber), granulated sugar, Konjak flour, acidulant, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), food flavor, calcium lactate E327, sweetener (aspartame [contains a source of phenylalanine], acesulfame K, sucralose ), potassium chloride E508, dyes (safflower, gardenia)
Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 28.0kcal / 117.3kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 8.8g (including sugars 5.2g), protein 0.0g, salt 0, 1g

Nutritional values ​​in 30g: energy value 42.0kcal / 175.9kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 13.2g (including sugars 7.8g), protein 0.0g, salt 0, 1g

Producer: Made in Japan by Tarami Co., 2178 Nakazato-machi, Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki 851-0198 Japan

Storage: store in a dry place, protected from light. It is not necessary to store the closed product in the refrigerator. After opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours.

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