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Tagatesse liquid tagatose sweetener


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Excellent sweetener based on tagatose with a clean, sweet taste, without an artificial aftertaste. A very efficient sweetener without calories: 1ml of liquid Tagatesse equals sweetness of one tablespoon of white sugar

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Net volume 125ml.; 9,98 pln/100ml.

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The 125ml bottle corresponds to the sweetness of 1.7kg of white sugar.

Excellent, easy to dose liquid sweetener based on tagatose. Suitable for people on a slimming diet, counting calories, also for diabetics. Tagatesse is a sweetener stable at high temperatures - it means that it is suitable for sweetening coffee and tea and does not change their taste, due to the fact that it is in the liquid, there is no problem with solubility.

What is tagatose?

Tagatose is a natural sugar that occurs in lactose, it also occurs naturally in various dairy products and fruits; tagatose restores the proper composition of the digestive tract flora.

The combination of Tagatesse ingredients means that it can be used in cold and warm dishes. Tagatosis is characterized by numerous advantages that distinguish it from other sugar substitutes:

  • tagatose has a very low glycemic index IG: tagatosis practically does not raise blood sugar levels. This property makes it a sweetener suitable for diabetics type I & II
  • tagatose is a natural sweetener - it is not a synthetic or artificial sweetener
  • it is friendly to teeth - it does not change the mouth Ph and does not cause tooth decay
  • is low in calories - used as a sweetener has zero calories
  • tagatose tastes like sugar
  • it does not leave an artificial aftertaste
  • unlike polyols (eg maltitol) it does not cause stomach aches
  • suitable for sweetening hot dishes and drinks - does not change the taste
Porcja 1.1 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 0.39  kcal 35.00  kcal
Energy value 1.61 146.44
Fats, 0.00 0.10
Saturated fats 0.00 0.10
Carbohydrates, 0.24 22.00
in this sugars 0.24 22.00
in this tagatose 0.24 22.00
Fiber 0.00 0.10
Protein 0.00 0.10
Salt equivalent 0.00 0.03
Sandra 02/08/2018

OMG najlepszy słodzik ever

Spadłam z krzesła jak zobaczyłam że w guiltfree jest ten słodzik. Korzystałam z niego na studiach w belgii i był to absolutnie najlepszy słodzik ever jaki miałam, myślałam, że już nie będzie mi dane z niegokorzystać a tu taka niespodzianka. To jest jedyny słodzik który naprawdę smakuje jak cukier! Biorę zapas na rok z góry!!

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Tagatesse Liquid sweetener  with tagatose

Net volume: 125ml

1ml sweetener (1/3 flat teaspoon) corresponds sweetness to 1 tablespoon of sugar (about 15g of sugar)

Ingredients: water, tagatose 20%, sucralose (20%), acidity regulator citric acid, potassium sorbate preservative.

Ingestion in excessive amounts may cause a laxative effect.

Gluten-free, lactose-free.

Nutritional values ​​in 1porus (3.3ml = 1 flat teaspoon, 38 servings in the package): energy value 1kcal / 4kJ, fat <0.1g (including saturated fatty acids <0.1g), carbohydrates 0.7g (including 0.7g sugars, of which 0.7g is tagatose), fiber <0.1g, protein <0.1g, salt <0.01g

Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 35kcal / 147 kJ, fat <0.1g (including saturated fatty acids <0.1g), carbohydrates 22g (including sugars 22g, of which tagatose 22g), fiber <0.1g, protein <0.1gg, 0.003g salt

Manufacturer: produced by Damhert NVSA, Kapelstraat 154. B-3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Storage: store in a dry place, protected from light

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