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Atkins granola breakfast cereals with nuts and seeds



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Atkins Day Break Crunchy Müsli Stevia is a rich in fiber and protein crunchy sweetened stevia with very low sugar content (5%).

Content of the so- The net carbs or carbohydrates taken into account in the carbohydrate balance are only 6.7g per serving.

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Weight net. 325g.; 6,07 pln/100g.

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Low sugar breakfast cereal Atkins Day Break

  •     21% muscle building protein
  •     17% fiber to aid digestion, increase satiety and reduce calorie absorption
  •     only 5% sugar
  •     Low net carbohydrate content and low glycemic index are conducive to keeping blood sugar levels healthy, low, and prevent insulin purging.
  •     excellent taste, pleasant crispness, almonds, coconut and cashew nuts
  •     no dyes and preservatives
  •     Sweetened with natural extracts from stewii

Most dietetic breakfast cereals have a lot in common - they are often relatively low calorie, but caloric restriction is by eliminating fats - while carbohydrates, including in particular sugars, remain very high and up to 70% Just carbohydrates, not fats, are responsible for the growing wave of obesity. Atkins flakes are different - they reduce the carbohydrate content, including in particular harmful sugar. The place of carbohydrates is a valuable protein and increases the feeling of satiety fiber, and the remaining calories come from valuable fats contained in healthy nuts and seeds. Proper balancing of nutrients affects long satiety and prevents rapid blood sugar spikes that trigger hunger.

Atkins Day Break breakfast cereals compared to Sante Crunchy with chocolate *

  •     more than 3 times more protein
  •     almost 2.5 times less carbohydrates
  •     5 times less sugar
  •     by 37% less saturated fatty acids
  •     almost 3 more fiber

Nutritional values ​​per 100g Atkins - Crunchy Mueshi Day Break compared to Sante Crunchy banana with chocolate Whole grain oats flakes (Energy: 1919kJ / 457kcal, Fat: 16g, including saturated fatty acids: 8.5g, carbohydrates: 68g, sugars: 25g, fiber: 6.3g, protein: 7.1g, salt: 0.25g)

Porcja 25 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 123.50  kcal 494.00  kcal
Energy value 517.47 2,069.86
Fats, 7.50 30.00
Saturated fats 2.75 11.00
Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Carbohydrates, 6.98 27.90
sugars 1.25 5.00
polyols 0.25 1.00
Protein 5.25 21.00
Fiber 4.25 17.00
Sodium 7.00 28.00
Salt equivalent 17.50 70.00


Bardzo dobry produkt, 25g porcji wystarcza do jogurtu a faktura i smak przypominają klasyczne muesli. Bardzo polecam!


Super naturalne musli

Musli o bardzo naturalntm smaku, niezbyt slodkie, czyli takie jakie jest najlepsze

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Atkins - Day Break Crunchy Müsli 60% less carbs with stevia extract - granola breakfast cereals with nuts and seeds, without added sugar, reduced carbohydrates * contain sweeteners

Contains 60% less carbohydrates per 100g than average walnuts, which contains an average of 69.7g carbohydrates per 100g of product.

Net weight: 0.35 kg

Ingredients: oat flakes and bran (oatmeal, fiber blend [polydextrose filling, dextrin resistant, chicory root fiber], bran bran [wheat bran, wheat flour, rice flour, oat bran], sunflower oil, sweetened steviol and isomalt glycosides, oat bran, oatmeal, coconut shavings, salt, aroma, antioxidant vegetable tocopherols), roasted soy flakes (33%), roasted coconut chips (13%), sunflower seeds (7%), cashew nuts 6%), flax seeds) 4%), almonds (2%)

Allergens: Milk, sesame and lupins are processed at the plant

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 2052kJ / 494kcal, 30g fat (including 11g saturated fats), 27.9g carbohydrates (including 5g sugar, 1g polyols), 21g protein, 17g fiber, 70mg salt

Producer: Produced in the Netherlands for Atkins Int. B.V. Postbus 40022

Storage: Store in a dry place, in a tightly closed container.

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