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Soulfood highly defatted hazelnut flour 0,5kg

Soulfood Lowcarberia


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Hazelnut flour is suitable for diet type and keto paleo source of protein and fiber. Made from hazelnut in 75% defatted flour preserves aroma, but has as much as 1/3 less calories than whole nuts! Hazelnut flour is an excellent base for gluten-free pastry (fragile bottom) and can also be used for baking as a supplement to pancakes and oats.

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Weight net. 500g.; 5,57 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Naturally sweet, yet low-carb, skimmed hazelnut flour is naturally gluten-free, aromatic and contains 1/3 less calories than hazelnuts. Soulfood's low-fiber flour is characterized by a finest grain - they are delicate, they are real flour, and not just ground nuts.

Hazelnut flour has many advantages compared to other nut- and seed- flours - they include unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hazelnuts are a rich source of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, the elements responsible for strong bones. Hazelnuts provide many vitamins, including E and B (especially niacin). Hazelnuts are characterized by high levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which are difficult to deliver in the diet of today's humans. Hazelnuts contain 20 times more antioxidants than vitamin C and up to 50 times more than vitamin E!

Hazelnuts are rich in arginine - an amino acid whose action causes the smooth muscle to relax and consequently increase the light of the blood vessels. Consumption of these can be beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Hazelnut Flour is a particularly valuable addition in the paleo and gluten-free kitchen - it allows you to create new dishes and enrich the taste of those known for the richness of the flavors of some of the most valuable nuts. Flour is ideal as a base or addition to pancakes and omelets and all kinds of pastries - whether you are looking for gluten-free, low-carbohydrate flour on the brittle bottom of the dough, to brownie or classic crushed dough - in each of these hazelnut flour will be excellent chocie.

The most important information about Soulfood hazelnut flour:

  • highly defatted - hazelnuts contain more than 60% fat, deftted flour has 3,5 times less
  • a sweet, aromatic alternative to hazelnut flour or almond flour
  • gluten-free
  • rich in protein
  • rich in fiber
  • low carbohydrate
  • paleo
  • keto
Porcja 15 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 60.00  kcal 400.00  kcal
Energy value 251.40 1,676.00
Fats, 2.55 17.00
Saturated fats 0.00 0.00
Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Carbohydrates, 1.79 11.90
sugars 1.25 8.30
polyols 0.00 0.00
Protein 6.24 41.60
Fiber 2.51 16.70
Sodium 0.00 0.00
Salt equivalent 0.00 0.00

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Soulfood Low Carberia Hazelnuss Mehl teilentölt - partially defatted hazelnut flour

Net weight: 0,5kg

Ingredients: 100% hazelnut flour, defatted

Allergens: may contain trace amounts of other nuts and fruit peels.

Suitable for vegans.

Nutritional values in 100g: energy value 1672kJ / 400kcal, fats 17g (including saturated fatty acids 1.6g), carbohydrates 11.9g (including sugars 8.3g), protein 41.6g, fiber 16.7g, salt 0.0g

Producer: Made in Germany for SOULFOOD LowCarberia, 90419 Nürnberg, Johannisstraße 47a

Storage: Store in a dry place in a tightly closed container, protected from light.

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