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MTS Nutrition Outright Bar Almond Butter Chocolate Chip

MTS Nutrition (Outright)


New product

MTS Outright Bar is the perfect combination of the taste of a freshly baked oaty-almondish cookie, with a perfect natural composition whose core is oatmeal, honey and the best possible protein MTS Nutrition Machine Whey ISO 90%. Healthy for the gut, a gluten-free, sweetener free, amazingly delicious.

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10,89 pln

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Weight net. 60g.; 18,15 pln/100g.

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The Outright Bar is the most perfect protein bar on the planet. 

Created by Ambrosia Co-Founder Marc Lobliner, the Outright Bar is the ideal combination of:

1) A fresh-baked, real food taste that you can't get enough of.

2) Perfect macros to support maintaining a lean physique 

3) An all-natural ingredient profile that you can actually pronounce . No fake additives or gut health destroying man-made fibers.

The Outright Bar is the only protein bar eaten and recommended by Mike Rashid, Marc Lobliner, and Sean Torbati.

The description of MTS Nutrition Outright Bar Almond Butter Chocolate Chip will be different than all bars - because the bar itself is different. I want you to meet him like me!

I have already had the opportunity to write about this Outrigh on our blog a few months ago and although it is sometimes difficult to talk about it all over again, I will do it with pleasure in this case - it's a bit like telling about how you met your great love, although our story is good, every time you come back to her with a smile on your face, and telling her once again and so you discover in your mind the details and nuances you previously forgot about :)

Do you know such a feeling when you discover, for example, a fantastic TV series on Netfliks, one that you have discovered completely, which no one recommended you, and watching it from the first minutes you know it's the best show you've ever seen? In such situations I feel a real explorer and I am accompanied by a million emotions. On the one hand, curiosity and joy and willingness to share with a friend this fantastic new discovery, on the other hand, a quiet desire to keep this sweet secret to yourself and not to share it with anyone. It is still a pity, paradoxically - I regret that I have already discovered this miracle and that I will not discover it anymore. That's exactly how it was with me and the Outright bar - I was overwhelmed with the delight that I found something so perfectly unique, meeting all my expectations for a protein bar, both those I knew and those that I did not realize, and at the same time I was overwhelmed a note of regret that since I've discovered it, all the next bars that I will ever eat will be worse than it :) But you know what? If you read this description (long, I know!), It means that you still do not know Outright and that the first date with this miracle is just ahead of you. I envy you this!

Do you know what my first thought was when I studied Outright's packaging? "Why is there no composition on the packaging ?!" And you know what turned out? He was! But so short that I was accustomed to the long lineups of protein bars I did not see these few ingredients on the cross, I thought it was the manufacturer's address, not the list of ingredients. A short, simple composition is one of the features that distinguishes Outright - everything that must be there must be delicious and valuable, and no more. Nothing to show. No fancy sprinkles, no decorated glaze. Even the packaging is simple and modest, because like any other bar, the most important thing is what's in the middle, and in this case the sentence has a much deeper depth than all high-volume marketing slogans put together. Because Outright means straightforwardly, openly, honestly, and it's hard to find a more adequate name.

Outright Bar - how does it taste and what are its ingredients?

After opening the package, the first thing you will feel is the smell of freshly ground almond butter - an invigorating, deep, subdued, not spicy smell of marzipan almonds, only the soothing smell of roasted almonds. All outrights are like the consistency of halva - they are soft and fragile at the same time, they do not stretch, they are also not greasy, even though their base is made of nuts. Their taste clearly shows the taste of baked oatmeal, their combination with almond butter pleasantly cracks in the teeth, bringing associations with home-made oatmeal cookies or cuts of the genus Złotokłoski or Digestive. Sweetened honey bars are pleasantly intensely sweet - it's so nice soothing sweetness, pure, niesłodzikowa, perfectly balanced with oatmeal and almonds. The icing on the cake is a drop of dark chocolate, strongly chocolate, perfectly fragile, perfectly contrasting with honey sweetness. There is also protein - although it is on the 3rd place on the list of ingredients, just after almond butter and honey, I forgot about it - you know why? Because you do not feel it at all! This is not a protein bar - it's a delicious almond-oat-honey chocolate chacho that happens to be completely coincidental;) contains one of the best quality proteins in the form of a whey protein isolate of WPI 90%. This is classically soothing protein comfort food.

The protein used in Outright bars is MTS Nutrition Machine Whey ISO 90% - the highest-quality, cold-filtered whey protein isolate containing 90% pure protein, without lactose, indicated as the optimal protein protein for people with lactose intolerance who do not want to give up milk as sources of protein. The MTS Nutrition Machine Whey protein is valued for its extremely high biological value and rapid absorption with a minimum content of fats and carbohydrates and a beneficial effect on the body's immune system.

MTS Otright Bars - what to remember?

  • uncompromisingly delicious
  • uncompromisingly good, short composition
  • no gluten
  • without palm oil
  • without sweeteners
  • without refined sugar
  • healthy, perfectly balanced
  • contains the highest quality Machine Whey protein WPI 90%

About MTS & Ambrosia Nutraceuticals

Ambrosia Nutraceuticals is a collective founded in 2015, which was joined by three leaders of the health & fitness industry: Marc Lobliner, Mike Rashid and Sean Torbati. These three founders Ambrosia Nutraceuticals represent professional high-performance sport, professional bodybuilding and the highest level of knowledge in the field of sports nutrition. Ambrosia is driven by the spirit of innovation and constant pursuit of perfection. Marc Lobliner popularized BCAA supplements with his breakthrough Xtend product. Sean Torbati created almost from scratch the category of supplements NAD + becoming the first person who decided to commercially use in the products an innovative component, which was then, and partly still is, Niagen, or Nicotinamide Rybozyd. In turn, Mike Rashid pioneered the concept of overtraining and "Mental Jewels", which made him probably the only expert in the field of wellness / fitness focusing almost exclusively on the mental aspects of physical training and personal development. All of them together, their experience and passion, joined together creating something completely new and using the phenomenon of synergy of knowledge - because Ambrosia is bigger not only from each of them separately, but also from the sum of their knowledge, if they acted separately. Combining their activities, co-inspiring, they co-create a new holistic approach to health, sport, personal and internal development.

Porcja 60 g W 100 g
280.00 466.67
1,173.20 1,955.33
14.00 23.33
3.00 5.00
21.00 35.00
14.00 23.33
3.00 5.00
15.00 25.00
0.05 0.08

Pycha, pycha, pycha

Nie za slodki, lekko orzechowy j fajna konsystencja ... taka ciasteczkowo-krucha. Godne swoich kalorii :)



    Pierwszy kęs - całkiem smaczny, ale z każdym kolejnym coraz bardziej zakochiwałam się w tym batonie! Niby mały, ale sycący. Słodki, ale nie przesłodzony. Smakuje trochę chałwą. i taki hmm prawdziwy, domowy. Pyszka!

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      MTS Nutrition Outright Bar Almond Butter Chocolate Chip - bezglutenowy baton proteinowy z masła migdałowego z kropelkami czekolady

      Net weight: 60g

      Ingredients: almond butter (dry almonds, sea salt), honey, MTS Nutrition Machine WHEY 90% whey protein isolate (milk), gluten-free oatmeal, semi-sweet chocolate droplets {sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, dextrose, emulsifier, soya lecithin , vanilla}, cocoa, natural vanilla flavor.

      Allergens: milk, soy, almonds; may contain gluten, wheat, peanuts and eggs.

      Nutritional values ​​in 1 bar: energy value 280kcal / 1173kJ, fats 14g (including saturated 3g fatty acids), carbohydrates 21g (including sugars 14g), fiber 3g, protein 15g, salt 0.05g

      Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 466kcal / 1955kJ, fats 23.3g (including saturated 5g fatty acids), 35g carbohydrates (including 23.3g sugars), 5g fiber, 25g protein, 0.08g salt

      Manufactured in the USA for Ambrosia Nutraceuticals, Costa Mesa, California, CA 9262

      Distributor: K.Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

      Storage conditions: store in a dry place in a tightly closed container. Protect against moisture, light and heat. Keep out of reach of small children

      Best before end: date on the package

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