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DIET FOOD palm heart pasta 21kcal, Spaghetti, 255g box

Diet Food


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Low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, 100% natural, single-ingredient, gluten-free pasta from the palm of the palm (not the palm oil!), Suitable for all reduction diets: low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, non-fat, also for a ketogenic diet. A whole packet of noodles is not more than 50kcal.

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Weight net. 400g.; 3,65 pln/100g.

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Unusual pasta made from the heart of a palm tree, an alternative to shirataki pasta, vegetable pasta (zucchini, pumpkin) and, above all, traditional pasta.

Diet Food Hearts of Palm Veggie Noodle is a single-ingredient pasta made from the very core (heart) of an Ecuadorian Bactris Gasipaes palm tree. Apart from the name, this type of palm tree has nothing to do with the infamous palm oil - the Bactris Gasipaes palm tree is a balanced species, and its characteristic feature is the fact that after cutting the heart (from which the pasta is made), a new stem quickly grows in its place .

The pasta is placed in a brine made of water with salt and citric acid, it is soft and ready to eat, it only needs to be rinsed and possibly heated in the case of hot dishes, it does not need to be cooked. It resembles shirataki pasta or traditional cooked pasta, has a neutral taste and smell, well absorbs the flavors of sauces and additives with which it is served. Palm noodles are almost calorie-free, the only calories in it come from a small amount of starch and fiber, the whole, very filling package is less than 50kcal, which means that by making just one change in your diet, replacing regular pasta or rice with pasta with palm hearts, you can 'save' about 300kcal every day, which translates into a loss of about 2.5 kg of body weight per month without the slightest feeling of hunger or a feeling of being on a diet.

The most important information about the heart of palm pasta:

  • very low in calories
  • without fat
  • almost no carbohydrates
  • filling
  • only one ingredient
  • suitable for all reduction diets, also for a ketogenic diet
  • no gluten
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • ready to eat, no cooking required
  • 100% natural product
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