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Better than Noodles, Thai Style organic konnyaku & organic oat fiber - Organic konjac pasta

Better than Foods


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Konjac pasta is counted among zero-calorie products (it has 9kcal in 100g). Does not contain gluten, fat, sugar or salt. It is produced from the root of the plant bearing the name konjac, known in Asian cuisine for centuries. The pasta does not have its own taste, but it easily absorbs the aroma of added spices and sauces. Suitable for vegans.

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Weight net. 300g.; 3,17 pln/100g.

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Konnyaku Better than Rice pasta does not contain fat, sugar, carbohydrates or calories - its calorific value is negligible and amounts to 9kcal in 100g of pasta, which makes it an ideal base for meals during intensive reduction diets.

Shirataki pasta in the shape of rice grains Better than Rice is produced from organic konnyaku flour and is additionally enriched with organic oat fiber.

By replacing plain noodles or rice with shirataki noodles in one meal, you save about 300 kcal - this is the ideal way to reduce calories, and in addition fiber-rich shirataki pasta for a long time satisfies the feeling of satiety - fiber swells in the stomach and thus reduces appetite. This saving in calories can translate into weight loss of around 0.5kg per week (depending on body weight and calorie intake) without making any other changes to your diet.

Konjak pasta can be combined with any sauces, fits both hot and cold dishes.

The most important information about konjak shirataki Better than Foods pasta:

  • 100% natural product of plant origin
  • organic
  • gluten-free
  • does not contain wheat
  • low glycemic index IG
  • source of soluble fiber
  • without sugar, starch, protein
  • almost without calories
  • odorless, tasteless pasta easily absorbs the taste and aroma of the dishes to which it is added
  • easy and quick to prepare, does not require thermal treatment but only heating
  • suitable for vegans, diabetics, people with food allergies (gluten, soy)

Shirataki pasta Better than Rice is a rich source of soluble fiber. Replacing just one meal daily with a shirataki meal results in a significant increase in the amount of fiber consumed daily (up to 9g per 200g serving) and has a huge impact on lowering daily calories - both greatly reduce weight.

The preparation of shirataki pasta Better than Foods:

  • method of preparation I: Filter on a sieve, rinse with cold water, add to your favorite food  
  • preparation method II: Cook for about 5 minutes, drain off, add to your favorite food.
  • preparation method III: Fry for 5 minutes in a pan, add to your favorite food.
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13.50 9.00
52.50 35.00
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Velamints Stevia Fresh & Pure, Spearmitnt, sugar free mints

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Bettern than Pasta, Thai Style, organic konnyaku & organic oat fibre

Masa netto: 385g; masa netto po odcedzeniu zalewy 300g

Składnikiwoda oczyszczona, organiczna mąka konjac, organiczny bezglutenowy błonnik owsiany

Wartości odżywcze w 100g: wartość energetyczna 35kJ/ 9kcal, tłuszcz 0g (w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone 0g), węglowodany 0g (w tym cukry 0g), białko 0,2g, błonnik 4g, sól 0g

Producent: wyprodukowano w Chinach dla Calorie Watchers Ltd., 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3XX, Wielka Brytania

Przechowywanie: Po otwarciu trzymać w lodówce w zalewie oryginalnej lub świeżej wodzie, szczelnie zamknięte, spożyć w ciągu 2 dni od otwarcia. Nie zamrażać.

Nie należy podawać makaronu małym dzieciom i osobom z zaburzeniami przełykania.

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