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FA So Good! Pocket Peanut Paste, Salted Caramel, squeeze tub

Fitness Authority


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Aromatic paste of peanuts with dates and natural flavoring extras, without the addition of refined sugar and no sweeteners.

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Weight net. 40g.; 12,42 pln/100g.

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FA So Good! Pocket Peanut Paste is a 100% natural product, it contains only 3-5 ingredients: peanuts, dates and bananas, cocoa or caramel, without unnecessary additives and chemicals.

A pocket version of delicious peanut butter with no added salt or sugar with a minimum amount of natural flavorings. The naturally high protein content is due to as much as 85-87% of peanuts - the rest are dates, cocoa or fruit, depending on the flavor, no fillers.

The pocket version of peanut paste is an alternative to a large jar that you can take with you anywhere! Just put the paste in your pocket or purse and use it at any time - it will be comfortable, tasty and energetic, even in the most surprising moment.

You squeeze, tug, open and it's ready! This is the first line of fire in the fight against sudden hunger, which you can always have at hand. Peanuts are very nutritious and tasty, it is worth introducing them to your diet. They contain a lot of protein, actually the most of all nuts. They are recommended for children, the elderly, athletes and in the process of healthy weight loss, they have many valuable vitamins. On the other hand, dates in Arab countries are called 'the bread of life' and no wonder! Dates contain simple sugars, which are a source of energy during intense exercise, replenish the deficiency of glycogen and potassium in the body.

Porcja 40 g W 100 g
231.20 578.00
968.73 2,421.82
17.60 44.00
2.12 5.30
7.60 19.00
4.80 12.00
2.84 7.10
9.20 23.00
0.56 1.40

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FA So Good! Pocket Size Full of Salted Caramel Peanut Paste - peanut pulp with salted caramel with no added sugar

Net weight: 40g

Ingredients: peanut paste (76%), date caramel [date paste Himalayan salt (1.35%), powdered caramel (milk), natural flavors (milk)

Allergens: milk, peanuts; possible presence of other nuts, soybeans, mustard, sesame and sulphites

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 578.0kcal / 2421.8kJ, fat 44.0g (including saturated fat 5.3g), carbohydrates 19.0g (including sugars 12.0g), fiber 7.1g, protein 23, 0g, salt 1.4g

Nutritional values ​​in 40 g: energy value 231.2 kcal / 968.7 kJ, 17.6 g fat (including 2.1 g saturated fat), 7.6 g carbohydrates (including sugars 4.8 g), 2.8 g fiber, 9 protein, 2g, salt 0.5g

Producer: produced in the EU by Fitness Authority Sp. z o.o.

Storage: Store the tightly closed product in a dry place at a home refrigerator temperature of 2-10 ° C). Protect from light. Do not freeze. After opening, consume within 3 months.

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