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Professor Nutz™ zero carb & zero fat peanut butter with AD Vantage™ Fat Blocker and AD Vantage™ Carb Blocker

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Professor Nutz is an incredibly unique peanut butter that claims to have zero fat and zero carbohydrates.

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Weight net. 352g.; 24,00 pln/100g.

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Professor Nutz is actually a pretty simple peanut butter being made with Double Roasted Runner Peanuts, sea salt, the natural sweetener stevia, and safflower lecithin oil.

What makes Professor Nutz so magical is that alongside those ingredients mentioned above, are two other natural plant extracts. They are both branded ingredients and named ADVantage Fat Blocker and ADVantage Carb Blocker, and are designed to do exactly what their names suggest. You can read the brand’s full explanation of the two ingredients directly below.

“ADVantage Fat Blocker helps molecules join fats and water together, producing an adhesive effect between the two substances. Being bonded so tightly during the digestive process allows it to encapsulate the fatty acids, preventing them from breaking down for absorption in the bloodstream.”

“At ADVantage, we’ve discovered a revolutionary, natural, plant-based carbohydrate inhibitor that interrupts the enzyme action of the carbohydrates being digested so the calories from the carbs are not stored for energy.” “By forcing the enzymes to compete against each other, AD Vantage™ Professor Nutz™ Nut Butter successfully blocks the digestion of unwanted carbohydrates into the bloodstream.”

Basically, ADVantage’s Professor Nutz is a somewhat typical peanut butter that features two key ingredients to block the digestion of the product’s fat and carbohydrates. Nutritionally all you’re left with is the nut butter’s protein which is 7g per two-tablespoon serving, providing a total of 28 calories.

Porcja 32 g W 100 g
200.00 625.00
838.00 2,618.75
16.00 50.00
0.00 0.00
6.47 20.22
1.00 3.13
4.40 13.75
7.00 21.88
0.18 0.55

Zakochana po uszy!

Cudowny smak masla orzechowe i niewiele kalorii...efekt wow! Pierwszy sloik zjedzony w 2 dni :)

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    AD Vantage™ Professor Nutz™ Peanut Butter with plant extracts and sweeteners

    Net weight: 352g

    Ingredients: Double Roasted Runner Peanuts, ADVantage™ Fat Block Technology, ADVantage™ Carb Inhibitor Technology, sea salt, setvia extract, organic safflowe lecithin oil

    Alergeny: zawiera orzechy ziemne

    Wartości odżywcze w 100g: wartość energetyczna 625kcal / 2618kJ, tłuszcze 50g (w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone 0g), węglowodany 20,2g (w tym cukry 3,12g), błonnik 13,75g, białko 21,85g, sól 0,54g

    Wartości odżywcze w 100g (corrected digestability): wartość energetyczna 87,5kcal / 366kJ, tłuszcze 0g (w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone 0g), węglowodany 0g (w tym cukry 0g), błonnik 13,75g, białko 21,85g, sól 0,54g

    Producent:  Wyprodukowano w USA dla AD Vantage™

    Importer PL: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

    Przechowywanie: przechowywać w suchym i chłodnym miejscu, chronić przed światłem. Po otwarciu zużyć w ciągu 6 miesięcy. Mieszać przed każdym użyciem.

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