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Natvia Icing Mix of sweetener from natural resources



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Natural sweetener without calories ideal for preparing icing and decorating cakes. Fine and easy to sift Natvia Icing is sweet as sugar, consists of two, fully natural, plant-based sweeteners: stevia and erythritol. Pure, naturally sweet taste.

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Weight net. 375g.; 11,11 pln/100g.

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If you are looking for a natural and tasty sweetener for baking and decorating cakes, Natvia is exactly what you need.

Natvia is a 100% natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. The creators of Natvia created it in a natural, natural way to be able to enjoy the sweetness. By using natural ingredients of vegetable origin, they have created a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Natvia has a pure, perfectly sweet taste in every spoon. Natvia tastes like sugar, not like artificial sweeteners, because it has a 100% natural composition, so it leaves no nasty, bitter aftertaste. You can substitute Natvia Icing all the sugar in the dessert, or just part of it - without worrying that the family will taste the 'healthy' dough :)

Natvia is an optimal composition of two plant sweeteners: stevia (stewiol glycosides) and erythritol / erythritol.

Reb A (rebaudiozydy A) is the name of the sweetest and purest part of the stewia plant. Unlike many other sweeteners based on stevia, Natvia uses only Reb A - the purest sweetener, not contaminated with bitter aftertaste.

Erythritol is a nectar naturally occurring in fruits such as melons and grapes. Because Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, Natvia contains a carefully selected blend of erythritol and stevia in such proportions that Natvia can be used as a sugar substitute for Natvia sugar in a 1: 1 ratio.

Natvia Icing - sweetener for baking and icing

Natvia can be used as a substitute for sugar in most cases in a 1: 1 ratio - but remember that sweeteners are not caramelized like sugar

  •     Natvia Icing is ideal for baking and cooking, its sweetness is stable at high temperatures
  •     Natvia Icing is 100% natural
  •     Natvia Icing has zero calories
  •     Natvia Icing contains only natural sweeteners - no fillers, maltodextrins,
  •     no fructose, sugar, aspartame, saccharin
  •     no flavors, preservatives, dyes
  •     only from the best parts of the plant stewia - without a bitter aftertaste
  •     safe for teeth
  •     with low glycemic index

Stevia erythritol powder

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Natvia Icing Mix of sweetener from natural resources - table sweetener erythritol-cinnamon

Net Weight: 375g

Ingredients: erythritol (98.6%), steviol glycosides (1.4%)

Excessive consumption can cause laxative effect

Nutritional values per 100g: 0kcal / 0kJ, 0g fats, 0g carbohydrates, 0g protein, 98.6g erythritol, 0mg salt

Producer: Produced in Australia by Natvia PTY LTD for Natvia UK Ireland Ltd.

Distributor: Kornelia Warda-Poniecka Walden Farms, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: store in a dry and cool place in a tightly closed container.Natvia Icing sugar icing powder without sugar - suggestions of recipes

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