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Inulin with chicory root

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Inulin is a natural carbohydrate not digested by human enzymes. Occurs in the roots or tubers of some plants, most often obtained from chicory.

Inulin is mildly sweet in taste, has about 1/10 sweet sugar. They can eat people with diabetes and lose weight.

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Weight net. 550g.; 4,76 pln/100g.

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Innulin in the intestines behaves just like fiber, binds up large amounts of water by increasing the amount of food content while lowering its calorie content.

In the natural state inulin occurs in the roots or tubers of some plants. It is a polysaccharide consisting of several dozen fructose molecules joined together into unbranched chains. It is resistant to the digestive enzymes of the human digestive tract, both in saliva and in the distal gastrointestinal tracts.

Inability to digest the inulin makes it unabsorbed in the small intestine and unalterably reaches the colon, where it can be hydrolyzed by intestinal bacteria. Inulin meets five basic criteria to play a role in the body's dietary fiber:

  •     originating from edible parts of plants,
  •     The compound should be chemically to carbohydrates,
  •     resistance to digestive enzymes of mammals,
  •     no absorption in the small intestine,
  •     Hydrolysis or fermentation by bacteria colonizing the large intestine.

Use of inulin:

Innulin is used in the kitchen as an addition to cakes, pudding and custard, as well as as a thickener in jellies. Due to the stabilizing properties it can be used for the production of home-made mayonnaise. It can be thickened with soups and sauces. Added to the cist will make the baked goods more crispy.

The beneficial effect of innulin

Animal studies have shown that inulin can increase the absorption of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Interestingly, in humans, this effect is not achieved in the small intestine where the usual food components are absorbed, and in the large intestine, most likely by some changes in the intestinal microflora. It has also been shown that the effect of increasing the absorption of minerals is the greater the worse is the basic absorption without inulin.

There is also evidence to support the hypothesis that inulin is beneficial not only for the absorption of minerals but also for other aspects of bone health such as their mineralization, mineral density, bone mass. Considering this and the fact that improved absorption has also been observed in postmenopausal women, inulin may be an important component of osteoporosis protection.

The presence of inulin in the intestines also causes changes in the body's hormonal functions associated with satiety and hunger. Preliminary studies in humans show the phenomenon of appetite regulation, appetite suppression and reduced intake of foods.

There are hypotheses that the described changes in intestinal endocrine function also affect lipid metabolism. Animal experiments have shown that the addition of inulin to the diet causes a significant reduction in the amount of triglycerides circulating in the blood, both after meals and on fasting.

The slightest effect on cholesterol has also been observed, but the worst-known low-density lipoprotein fraction (VLDL) has been reduced.

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Inulin with chicory root

Net weight: 550g

It is recommended to consume up to 20g inulin per day. This is due to possible mild laxative action.

Country of origin: Belgium

Storage: Store in a dry place, in a tightly closed container.

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