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Sukrin Pluss is a natural sweetener with erythritol



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Sweetness without calories and without carbohydrates! Sukrin is a 100% natural substitute for sugar without calories that tastes and looks like sugar. It does not contain carbohydrates that are absorbed by the body, it is ideal for people on a sugar-free and non-carbohydrate diet.

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Weight net. 250g.; 14,24 pln/100g.

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Sukrin Pluss - 100% natural, no calories and twice as sweet as sugar!

A natural, healthy alternative to powdered sugar. Erythritol contained in Sukrin + comes from glucose extracted from unmodified maize starch.

Sukrin + works perfectly in combination with traditional sugar or other natural sweeteners whenever you want to add sweets without increasing the volume and without risking a change in consistency.


The most important features of Sukrin +:

ü 100% natural

ü 0 calories

ü twice as sweet as sugar

ü does not increase the blood sugar level (IG = 0)

ü can be used with protein meals

ü acts as an antioxidant in the body

ü does not cause digestive problems (unlike xylitol excess Sukrin does not cause a laxative effect)

ü harmless to the teeth

      ü does not contain any genetically modified ingredients

ü Sukrin packaging does not contain Bisphenol A


Sukrin + does not raise blood sugar - Glycemic index = 0

Studies show that Sukrin + has no effect on increasing blood sugar levels and increasing insulin secretion. By combining Sukrin + with other low carb ingredients such as almond flour or Fiberfin, you can even lower the glycemic load in the ready-made dish.


Sukrin + is 100% natural and safe

Many people would be happy to reduce sugar intake, but at the same time are skeptical about artificial sweeteners. Sukrin consists of 100% erythritol, a completely natural sugar alcohol - without any additions or anti-caking agents. Erythritol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. in pears, melons and mushrooms and natural fermentation products like wine, yoghurts and cheese.

Sukrin + is especially favored for:

  •     all those who undergo diet treatment and those who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms
  •     people intolerant to fructose and lactose, because it does not contain fructose and is not converted into fructose in the body. Does not contain gluten and lactose.
  •     diabetics because it does not raise the level of sugar in the blood
  •     people infected with Candida, because it is not a medium for yeast and celiac disease sufferers.
  •      all caring for oral prophylaxis - does not cause tooth decay


The use of Sukrin

1. How to use Sukrin?

Use Sukrin the same way you use table sugar. You can sprinkle fruit, sweeten flakes, tea or coffee. Replace in baked cakes and prepared jams, plums or other products.

2. How should you dose Sukrin?

  •     Sweetness Sukrin is about 75% sweetness of sugar. It should therefore be replaced in the recipes 100 g of sugar from 120 g to 140 g Sukrin, or depending on individual taste preferences. Many people, however, use Sukrin in 1: 1 proportions.
  •     The amount of Sukrin or SukrinPluss used in the recipe should not exceed one fifth, i.e. it should constitute about 20% of all ingredients. {Example: A cake weighing one kilogram contains approx. 100 grams Sukrin, which means that Sukrin represents 10% of the total weight}
  •     If the recipe requires a large amount of sugar, SukrinPluss is recommended. In addition, you can add some honey or brown sugar. Still, we will still get a low-calorie and healthier product, even if other ingredients in the recipe contain calories.
  •     If you use Sukrin in your recipes for the first time, it is recommended to replace only half of the table sugar by Sukrin.
  •     If you prepare a large amount of icing at one time, combine Sukrin Melis with powdered sugar in a 1: 1 ratio.

3. Sukrin in yeast cakes

When in the yeast dough Sukrin replaces table sugar, it may happen that at first the dough will grow more slowly. Absolutely, do not worry about it, it's enough to extend the time, and the cake will grow up.

4. Sukrin in crispy cakes and biscuits

The content of sugar in biscuits is usually very high, so you should not completely substitute Sukrin sugar. We suggest using SukrinPluss in this case to get a cake that is much healthier than the traditionally produced biscuits.

5. Jam from Sukrin

When preparing homemade jam with the use of Sukrin, the ratio of 4: 1 is usually applied, i.e. up to 1 kg of fruit, 250 g Sukrin is added

Porcja 15 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 0.00  kcal 0.00  kcal
Energy value 0.00 0.00
Fats, 0.00 0.00
Saturated fats
Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Carbohydrates, 0.00 0.00
Protein 0.00 0.00
Erythritol 15.00 100.00
Salt equivalent
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Fruittella sugar free fruit foams with sweeteners

Fruittella sugar free fruit foams with sweeteners

Sukrin Pluss is a natural sweetener with erythritol

Net weight 250g

Ingredients: erythritol, rebaudioside A (stevia extract)

The product is suitable for vegetarians.

Gluten-free product.

The product is suitable for diabetics.

The product without lactose.

Nutritional values per 100g of product: 0kcal, 0g protein, 100g carbohydrates (including 100g erythritol), 0g fats, 0g carbohydrates

Manufacturer: Sukrin Ltd, Rochester House, 48 Rochester Gardens, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3AW, United Kingdom

Storage: store in a dry place, protected from light.

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