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Lifesource Foods Resistant Corn Starch 260

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Superskrobia superstarch] that is starch resistant to digestion. It tastes like a white flour, but it has about half the calories, 70 times more fiber and minimal IG.

An excellent ingredient in homemade bread and pastries that lowers their caloric value and reduces the glycemic load of baking.

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Weight net. 454g.; 8,48 pln/100g.

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Most of the starch present in our diet is digested and absorbed by the human body in the small intestine, but some types of starch are resistant to digestion and enter the colon where they act as fiber, supporting the health of the digestive system and supporting intestinal peristalsis. Such starches are termed resistant starch. Also, 'ordinary' starches may contain some starchy starch, but this is usually destroyed in food processing.

By replacing a portion of Resistant Corn starch 260 with Starch 260 from LifeSource Foods you have the opportunity to make healthy products with the richness of resistant starch and the appetizing consistency of good quality carbohydrates.

Different types of starch are present in our diet; It is present in whole grains of cereals by protecting them from scales / shells, seeds or other barriers protecting them from digestion in the small intestine - this is the basic type of starch, RS1.

The second type of resistant starch (so-called RS2 starch) is starch, which retains its natural granular shape based on digestion thanks to the granularity of the granules. Unripe Bananas, Uncooked Potatoes and Resistant Corn Starch 260 are rich sources of this starch RS2.

After the disintegration of the starch granules and the crystallization of the starch chains, the starch RS3 is formed; The cooked, cooled baked potatoes or soggy breakfast cereals provide RS3 starch (they contain about 5%).

Finally, starch can be subjected to chemical modification to artificially alter the rate of its digestion - this improved resistant starch is RS4.

Resistant Corn Starch 260 is an extremely rich source of fiber, contains nearly 60%;

Advantages of using Resistant Corn Starch 260:

+ very low glycemic index IG, especially compared to ordinary starch

+ low calorific value

+ lower calorie absorption from meals

+ promotes the health of the digestive tract and intestines

+ RS2 improves the response of the insulin curve; in so called. "second meal" fermented fiber and RS2 are associated with improved glucose tolerance the following day. There is evidence that this is due to the presence of short chain fatty acids and the peptide produced by the fermentation process.

+ resistant starch is responsible for increased satiety, probably due to the release of PYY peptides

+ eating foods rich in resistant starch reduces fat absorption

+ consumption of high-quality starch reduces the cholesterol and triglyceride levels

+ advantages of prebiotic fiber, maintaining a healthy bacterial flora

Increasing the absorption of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium

+ increase the level of sodium butyrate, colorectal health marker

Resistant Corn Starch 260 improves the quality of traditional pastries. Unlike other rich sources of fiber, RS2 absorbs a small amount of fluid, so you do not have to modify the rules. RS2 is composed of tiny crystalline granules, so that the products prepared from it do not have a compact, compact consistency characteristic of products rich in fiber.

Pastries prepared with Resistant Corn Starch 260 grow more and are crispy.

By using Resistant Corn Starch 260, you reduce the caloric content of foods, increase the amount of fiber in your diet, improve the quality of your baked goods, and improve the health of your digestive system.


Jest fajna ale kiedy będzie znowu dostępna....

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Lifesource Foods Resistant Corn Starch 260 - Resistant corn starch

Net Weight: 454g

Ingredients: Corn starch with high starch content

Product suitable for vegetarians.

Gluten free product.

Suitable for diabetics.

Nutritional values ​​per 1 spoon 9.3g: 62kJ / 15kcal, 0g fats, 3g carbohydrates (including 0g sugar), 0g protein, 5g fiber, 0mg sodium.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: 667kJ / 161kcal, 0g fats, 32g carbohydrates (including 0g sugar), 0g protein, 54g fiber, 0mg sodium.

Producer: Made in the USA for Tova Industries LLC, KY 40299, United States

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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