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Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar White Choc Chip Cookie



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Xite Vegan is a series of vegan gluten-free bars based on mixed vegetable proteins, sweetened with stevia and raw sugar, with a fully natural composition enriched with ingredients from the so-called nootropics, including Lion's Mane extract, ginseng extract and Bacopa Monnieri extract, and a complex of B vitamins to combat fatigue.

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Weight net. 60g.; 15,77 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar White Choc Chip Cookie - a vegan, gluten-free protein bar covered with vegan milk-free white chocolate with pieces of crunchy cookies designed for athletes and active people who care about the quality of their diet down to the smallest detail. This sweet snack is full of power, it also contains nootropic ingredients that give an energetic kick not only to the body, but also to the mind! A bar designed for those who take care of themselves at every step.

Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar White Choc Chip Cookie - how to best describe the phenomenon of creating a bar that is fully plant-based, does not contain gluten, is additionally supported by a package of nootropic ingredients, and the taste of white chocolate from our bar invariably melts in our mouths?

The perfect combination:

  1. Firstly. Vegan white chocolate. High-quality cocoa butter and rice milk powder.
  2. Secondly. Crunchy, gluten-free, dark cookies. They perfectly break the texture of the chocolate melting on the tongue.
  3. Thirdly. Nootropic blend. What is? These are substances that have a positive effect on cognitive functions. They stimulate the mind, concentration, and also have a beneficial effect on improving memory. Their proper use is also supposed to stimulate creativity.

So, in the Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar you will find:

  • choline bitartrate (used to stimulate the body and improve concentration),
  • Siberian ginseng extract (helps to stimulate the nervous system, increase the body's efficiency and endurance, reduces fatigue, adds energy and vitality, fights depressive moods),
  • Bacopa monnieri leaf extract (it is a herb that acts on the brain and peripheral nerves, helpful in increasing the intellectual capacity of the brain and its overall functioning),
  • Lion's Mane (has a beneficial effect on fat metabolism, inhibits the accumulation of thrombocytes and stimulates the synthesis of nerve growth, as well as improves cognitive functions and slows down skin aging),
  • vitamin B5 (affects, inter alia, protein and fat transformations and lowers blood cholesterol levels),
  • vitamin B6 (it is a factor that initiates and controls over 100 enzymes that influence the course of key biochemical reactions).

The Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar White Choc Chip Cookie has a sensational taste and contains a lot of nutrients important for our body, and additionally:

  • over 16g of vegetable protein
  • 14g of fiber
  • and less than 5 g of sugar!
Porcja 60 g W 100 g
245.00 408.33
1,026.55 1,710.92
12.00 20.00
5.43 9.05
10.70 17.83
4.56 7.60
14.09 23.48
16.66 27.77
0.44 0.73
Nootropics blend
Zinc 16.00  mg 26.67  mg
Iodine 0.20  mg 0.33  mg
Vitamin B6 4.00  mg 6.67  mg
Pantothenic Acid 7.50  mg 12.50  mg
Choline Bitartrate 250.00  mg 416.67  mg
Panax Ginseng 250.00  mg 416.67  mg
Bacopa monnieri 250.00  mg 416.67  mg
Lion's Mane 250.00  mg 416.67  mg

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Xite Vegan Nootropic Protein Bar White Choc Chip Cookie - a vegan, gluten-free, low-carbohydrate protein bar with white chocolate flavor with crispy, buttery cookies, a complex of vitamins and minerals that reduce fatigue and support metabolism, as well as sugar and a sweetener (steviol glycosides)

Vitamins B6 and B12 can contribute to the reduction of fatigue and support the proper functioning of metabolism. Vitamin B6 may contribute to the proper metabolism of proteins and glycogen. Zinc supports the proper functioning of cognitive functions. Vitamin B6 contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Net weight: 60g

Ingredients: vegan dairy-free white chocolate substitute 18%: (cocoa butter, rice powder (rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour), raw sugar, natural flavor), soy protein (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), beet fiber , chicory fiber, pea protein isolate, peanut paste, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, humectant: glycerin, soy protein isolate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, nootropic mixture: (choline bitartrate, Siberian ginseng extract, extract from bacopa monnieri leaves, lion's mane mushroom, zinc citrate dihydrate, potassium iodide, vitamin B5 calcium pantothenate, vitamin B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride), natural aroma, water, thickener: acacia gum, green tea extract, Himalayan salt, sweetener: extract from stevia (steviol glycosides), acidification: citric acid.

Allergens: soybeans, peanuts; gluten-free product

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 408.3kcal / 1710.9kJ, fat 20.0g (including saturated fat 9.0g), carbohydrates 17.8g (including sugars 7.6g), fiber 23.4g, protein 27, 7g, salt 0.7g; Nootropics blend {Vitamins and minerals: zinc 26.6 mg, iodine 0.3 mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 6.6 mg, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 12.5 mg Other ingredients: choline bitartrate 416.6 mg, ginseng extract 416.6 mg , bacopa monnieri 416.6 mg, lion's mane 416.6 mg}

Nutritional values ​​in 1 bar: energy value 245.0kcal / 1026.5kJ, fat 12.0g (including saturated fat 5.4g), carbohydrates 10.7g (including sugars 4.5g), fiber 14.0g, protein 16 6g, salt 0.4g; Nootropics blend {Vitamins and minerals: zinc (Zn) 16.0 mg, iodine (i) 0.2 mg, vitamin b6 (pyridoxine) 4.0 mg, pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) 7.5 mg, Other ingredients: choline bitartrate 250.0 mg , ginseng extract 250.0 mg, bacopa monnieri 250.0 mg, lion's mane 250.0 mg}

Producer: Produced in Great Britain by Xite Energy Ltd.

Importer: K Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Store in a dry, cool and dark place in a tightly closed container.

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