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Milky Way Hi-Protein Protein Bar new version back in stock!

Mars & Snickers


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Milky Way Hi-Protein Protein Bar - was loved, was discontinued back in 2018, but here is Mars listened to consumers' voices and Milky Way protein is back in glory!

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10,49 pln

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Weight net. 50g.; 20,98 pln/100g.

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Milky Way Hi-Protein Protein Bar - was loved, was withdrawn from the market in 2018, but here is Mars listened to consumers' voices and Milky Way protein is back in glory!

A bar that has so far been featured in school breakfasts in the protein-curled fit version for physically active fans of sweets. This is exactly the same taste of milk chocolate filled with delicious vanilla mass that you remember from your childhood - only much bigger and in a version with much better macros!

Milk chocolate filled with creamy marshmallow, sweet vanilla foam that melts in your mouth. Plus 15g of protein!

Looking at the composition of this bar, it is impossible not to think about why it is called Milky Way - and not Milky Whey :) After Snickers, Mars and Bounty, Milky Way Protein is another delicious way to break the monotony of the diet - the bar combines the taste of the old school Milky Way with a substantial amount of protein - as much as 19g in a bar) and a limited amount of sugar - the usual Milky Way, weighing only 21.5g, provides as much as 14g of sugar (over 2/3 of its weight!), while the protein Milky Way weighs two and a half times more and has more than half as much sugar. These macros fit into almost any diet plan - whether your goal is to build muscle mass or to lose a few pounds, 19g of protein in less than 200kcal is an impressive result.

Porcja 25 g W 100 g
96.25 385.00
403.29 1,613.15
2.25 9.00
1.30 5.20
11.25 45.00
8.00 32.00
7.75 31.00
0.11 0.45

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Milky Way Hi-Protein Protein Bar - a protein bar coated with milk chocolate with a milk-cream filling;

Net weight: 51g

Ingredients: foam filling (82%) (glucose syrup, milk proteins, fructose syrup, collagen hydrolyzate, palm fat, whey protein (milk) (milk), natural flavors, salt, color (caramel]), milk chocolate (18%) (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, palm fat, lactose (from milk) (milk), sweet whey powder (from milk) (milk), clarified butter (from milk), whey protein (from milk ) (milk], emulsifier (soybean], natural vanilla flavor).

Allergens: see bold type on ingredient list; may contain gluten, eggs and nuts, including peanuts

Nutritional values ​​in 1 piece (2 pieces in a wrapping): energy value 96.2kcal / 403.2kJ, 2.2g fat (including 1.3g saturated fat), 11.2g carbohydrates (including 8.0g sugars), protein 7.7 g, salt 0.1 g

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 385.0kcal / 1613.1kJ, fat 9.0g (including saturated fat 5.2g), carbohydrates 45.0g (including sugars 32.0g), protein 31.0g, salt 0, 4g

Producer: Manufactured in Great Britain for Mars, Incorporated

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: store in a dry and cool place in a tightly closed container.

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